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11/15/17 11:10 pm

I say they're just neutral. Russia is only interested in Russia at this point.

11/17/17 5:10 am

Are you just trying to fight?

CMChristian gone
11/15/17 8:44 am

They shouldn't be but it's been etched history.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
11/15/17 6:53 am

Enemy is a little much, but they are definitely not our friend.

abusara i drink and i know things
11/15/17 6:53 am

Let's just say our interests rarely, if ever, align.

And for sure Russian intelligence agencies still act like its the height of the Cold War.

chinito Florida
11/15/17 5:29 am

Many here don't understand what enemy means. Russia is not our enemy. They might be an adversary or a foe but definitely not our enemy.

ISIS is our enemy.

Jazzy5 USA
11/15/17 6:42 am

I agree, totally...

Malekithe Resist
11/15/17 5:14 am

They have opposing interests and are rivals. So are many countries.
For years the Republicans have been calling them enemies and Democrats laugh it off. Democrats sold out our uranium supply in exchange for cash. Now Democrats are suddenly calling them enemies and Republicans are trying to be on friendlier terms.
You cannot trust or believe anything from a politician.
This is exactly why Trump won.
Most Democrats and some Republicans have not figured it out yet.
Washington is a retched hive of scum and villainy.

11/15/17 5:03 am

Russia is only seen as our enemy because the democrats want to push them as the villains they aren’t while covering up third own evil disgraceful

UniversePlan Michigan
11/14/17 11:24 pm

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Red4799 Asking the Big Questions
11/14/17 10:56 pm

Russia is a place. How can a place be your enemy

11/14/17 11:16 pm

Whatever. Read it as “Is Putin our enemy?”

Red4799 Asking the Big Questions
11/14/17 11:48 pm

So you're asking if one person is our enemy

UniversePlan Michigan
11/15/17 1:28 am

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