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RussianThunder November 14th, 2017 11:43pm

As promised, this is my poll welcoming any questions that might have arisen about autism after watching The Good Doctor last night. Ask away and I will try to answer (others with autism here can answer too)

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scmama South Carolina
11/14/17 7:58 pm

Where do you see yourself on the spectrum? How does that compare to the lead on the show?

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/17 10:11 pm

He’s higher on the spectrum. He can keep his cool and is completely gifted. I’m autistic with normal intelligence. I understand the autistic traits they give him but I’m not as smart or quick thinking as he is. I also don’t speak much.
We both don’t like loud noice and both are bullied. We both can pick up an autistic person in a room and both hate being touched. They did a good job with the character.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/14/17 7:38 pm

How do you generally relate to others with autism (like Shaun’s initial avoidance of his patient, or like the patient’s initial attraction to Shaun)?

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/17 10:11 pm

Great. I get along better with autistics. I can usually spot one a mile away. Lol

Suzan Hawaii
11/14/17 7:03 pm

Is autism similar to dyslexia in that it gives a special edge in another area? For example, dyslexics are more gifted in spacial issues?

ReligiousCommie No Longer Active
11/14/17 7:12 pm

It really depends on the person, for example, I am fascinated rather than squeamish about anatomy, and I think that stems from my Asperger's.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/15/17 11:31 am

You focus on your obsession. My brother Sergei focuses on serial killers to the exclusion of most everything else but his goal is to be a profiler. I focus on history to the exclusion of many other things though Dr Seuss and Spongebob are high on my list of things to take my mind off history. Sergei doesn’t have that.
Most autistics aren’t savants. We usually have sensory issues. I have a very high pain tolerance in the eyes of many people. You could punch me in the gut and it would be ok but at the same time, brush against me lightly and I’m in agony.
I learn by seeing directions and doing things. Hearing doesn’t always work for me. Things get muddled in my brain.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/15/17 11:33 am

Commie, this is a real question, not a “debate communism” question but when you began reading about communism, did you become obsessed? I began reading about the Tudor court and became totally obsessed. I have no idea why.

ReligiousCommie No Longer Active
11/15/17 11:41 am

Yes, very much so. I have since moved on to other obsessions while still being a communist, however.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/15/17 4:12 pm

So you switch obsessions? Me too. Sergei never has. I have always kept history but have been obsessed with the Dyatlov Pass Incident, Tudor England, American folk music, Jewish law, Russian and Jewish paintings, the Holocaust, skateboarding, certain’s all over the place.

DoctorWasdarb Decolonize
11/16/17 12:46 pm

"You focus on your obsession."

Every time you do these polls I feel like I relate so much. It always surprises me. I relate with RC. I can hold find conversations about other things, but anti-imperialism/communism I admit is an obsession. I'm always reading, or listening.

ReligiousCommie No Longer Active
11/16/17 1:08 pm

RT, yeah.
Doc, have you ever taken an Asperger's test or anything?

DoctorWasdarb Decolonize
11/16/17 1:19 pm

I was diagnosed on the lighter end of the autism spectrum.

Suzan Hawaii
11/16/17 3:59 pm

Thank you. I appreciate the insight

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/14/17 5:36 pm

It was a good episode. I liked the way he was able to help the autistic patient out. I also noticed that he is aware of the female doctor what’s her name) has an issue - he said “you have cirrhosis” , she said I don’t. Later on we see her in therapy and she is having a hard time dealing with a patient’s death she caused.

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/14/17 5:38 pm

I love his mannerisms and eye movements. He does not like to be touched. Martin, have you ever had an MRI or EEG? Did it affect you like that? What about last year when you broke your leg? Every hospital needs a Dr Sean 😔

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/17 5:55 pm

Yes. I wore a special needs bracelet (a....”check the chart before anything”). The MRI was not bad as I love closed spaces but on the other hand, sent me into meltdown due to the noise. I had a spinal injection today and they strap me to the table very tightly. Then knock me out.
The light doctors shine in my eyes is awful. I hate eye doctors.
I understood that patient. When we had the automobile accident, I was really injured and in meltdown. The ambulance sirens freaked me out. Then the EMT’s touching me. It made it all much worse.

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/14/17 6:02 pm

Why did you need a spinal injection Martin?

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/14/17 9:36 pm

Are you still having pain from your injuries?

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/17 10:06 pm

I had spine slippage in the accident.

Yes I still have some pain but it’s getting better and better.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/17 10:07 pm

I wear a bracelet now. I wore a bracelet the day it happened but that was something we never changed over. It was in Russian.

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/14/17 10:19 pm

So what does that mean spine slippage? I didn’t realize your spine was involved. Were you in a brace. You poor thing. Thanksgiving will be wonderful this year.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/14/17 11:17 pm

I looked up spinal slippage, and it mentioned degenerating discs. That is something that I have, and I had two epidurals in my spine about 4 years ago. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/15/17 5:31 am

That is so painful. I had sciatica due to degenerating dics and inflammation. I refused shots and pain killers and just did pt. But it was a bad 6 months and I could barely walk or sit and then one day was just gone 🙏🏻😇

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/15/17 8:02 am

No, I don’t have degenerative disks.

Here is part of a description:

“Sometimes injuries resulting from a forceful, direct blow to the spine can lead to the sudden onset of a slipped disc. Also, people who experience traumatic spine injuries as children or teenagers tend to be more likely to develop disc problems later in life”

It slipped a disk and drug a nerve. The shattered kneecap was the most serious thing, believe it or not. The spine is intact and not in danger of breaking, it just slipped due to the impact of the accident. I will eventually need back surgery. As I grow older, it will become more of an issue because of natural wearing down of disks.
I didn’t need a body cast. It was not that bad. The injections are routine and I will eventually need surgery but there’s no rush. I’m planning on having it repaired when I graduate from high school, before starting college.
The injections are for the drug nerve.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/15/17 8:12 am

My knee, spine, foot and side of my left hand were all involved. The knee was shattered, literally, and took two surgeries. My wristbone was just bruised. My foot because the drug nerve caused my foot to be painful but I guess technically it’s the nerve/spine and not the foot. I had cuts and lacerations too but none were that bad. Only one required stitches and then just a couple. The somewhat funny thing is that my shirt was covered in red because Frankie was drinking a Red Pop. It spilled all over my white T shirt. My mother initially thought it was blood then realized “it smelled very fruity”. The shattered glass caused some lacerations but honestly, it was a huge Red Pop. I looked like someone ripped open my chest. Lol. I can find it funny now. Last winter it was not funny.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/14/17 5:33 pm

Not about autism, but did he buy that whole wall of tv’s ? The most enjoyment I’ve seen him have was watching football. His enthusiasm kind of surprised me.

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/14/17 5:39 pm

Yes and his voice changed to his normal non acting voice.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/17 5:58 pm

I didn’t notice his voice.
He was asking his friend who managed his money for money for a tv and he said he wanted 1,600$. That would not buy that whole wall of TV’s. I think he only bought one.
He likes sports apparently

missmorganmarie ...
11/14/17 6:11 pm

didn't he want the TV because isn't that what his brother and him always planned to get?

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/14/17 6:16 pm

I feel I have to rewatch certain scenes. A lot of nuances.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/14/17 6:31 pm

Yes. He likes TV and asked his brother for one when they lived on the bus but they were too poor and lived on an abandoned bus. So, he now wants a TV. He’s kind of obsessed with getting a TV. That is one of the reasons he told the hospital he wanted to become a surgeon. To make a lot of money so he could buy a television.

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/14/17 6:50 pm

I was surprised he was so familiar with football and the stats of some players.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/14/17 9:32 pm

Watching football, he really seemed happy. I haven’t seen that emotion from him much.

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/14/17 9:59 pm

Right! He didn’t “look autistic” there. That’s what I meant about his voice.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/15/17 8:26 am

Oh I see. The actors British. His real voice is more of an Oxfordshire accent