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11/14/17 2:30 pm

To say otherwise is to deny science.

Maybe liberals are biology 101 deniers?

crazyjane New Jersey
11/15/17 11:31 pm

Liberals don’t deny that. You are probably confused with the term gender

11/18/17 5:31 am

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Red4799 Asking the Big Questions
11/14/17 12:24 pm

Yes. XX or XY. although I think there are rare cases which cause X or XXX and maybe XYY I can't remember.

mudkip17 United States of Texas
11/14/17 11:54 am

stop reading the fake news from breibart and read the actual polling questions

thaisoccerfan MAGA
11/14/17 11:47 am

We found the real science deniers. How many Dems can the media control of the media could control Dems?

mitchman399 Oregon
11/14/17 11:01 am

Isn't it determined before birth? It's not like X and Y chromosomes slip in at the very last second.

AmericanFactor NC
11/14/17 11:27 am

But I just simplified it for polling purpose

11/14/17 11:46 am

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