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ILovePinions1 November 13th, 2017 3:51am

Will people in this World one day ever stop thinking God is not real and a fairytale and start thinking he is real and stop profanity and stop being atheists?

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PolitikaDaily Minnesota
11/13/17 1:51 am

Lol Opinions, have you ever thought of taking up comedy?

Krodin Pennsylvania
11/12/17 9:27 pm

Warning: this poll one sided and badly worded. You will get a downvote from us every time. Take your religious falsehoods somewhere else.

11/12/17 9:30 pm

Your false!!!!! That means you're a bad person or even warning me how dare you and you're not if you do I'm gonna call the police!!!!! That is bad!!!! Win the battle every time you're gonna lose how dare you even say that you stupid evil human being delusional sicko

11/12/17 9:31 pm

That is bad of you saying that because you're a bad human for getting a down vote how dare you go to hell you evil bastard

11/12/17 9:32 pm

About you take your sacrilegious falsehood which is not true somewhere else the fact that you don't believe in God is false God is real and you're false how about that

11/12/17 9:33 pm

Your believes of my faults would you call it our imaginary and for that matter you are a bad liar on the honest God God is real and you're the liar you're the not real human being your fantasy you're a make-believe human being that deserves no rights to live on this planet because you don't believe in Christianity that's bad and you should be ashamed and if you're not ashamed you suck!!!!!!!!!!!