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Have you ever been audited by the IRS? (UserQ)

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ladycmc Florida
04/12/12 1:33 am

Ive never even paid taxes before.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
04/11/12 3:02 pm

Wow some of those deductions would be hard to sell.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/06/12 9:45 am

@LIKEABOSS3 Do you SERIOUSLY not know what the Internal Revenue Service is? Or are you just joking?

If you are serious, look it up on Wikipedia, you'll get your answer.

04/05/12 2:11 pm

Just clicked no.....probably jinxed myself now.

04/04/12 11:51 pm

Hope I never have to experience it.

04/03/12 6:32 pm

I made a mistake on my taxes once. Got too much back. I brought it to the attention of the IRS and paid them back immediately. Bastards audited me for the previous three years. Should have just kept the money. Kind of kills the incentive to be honest.

NJConserve New Jersey
04/03/12 4:28 pm

Got audited in 2009 because I made too much money that year...

GunnyGunz Virginia
04/03/12 2:22 pm

Got audited in 08. Hired a tax lawyer, and after all was said & done, got an additional 3K back, & they had to pay the lawyer. Screw the IRS NAZI's

04/03/12 11:39 am

I get audited every year.
They only audit certain income levels. Since the majority of people on this app are young libtards that don't pay taxes they wouldn't understand.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/03/12 11:32 am

If auditing means the IRS showing up at your door to do a check of the numbers themselves instead of what you reported (think Kent Hovind for tax evasion), then no. And I'm glad.

04/03/12 9:41 am

Look at the income levels and it's obvious that the IRS cherry picks their audits.

04/03/12 7:47 am

The sad part of being audited are the auditors themselves. The law is so complex you never get the same answer twice.

BadBadger Georgia
04/02/12 11:27 pm

Fair Tax = No Auditing . . . No Need.

T0nyiPad3 Oregon
04/02/12 11:25 pm

@amyjo I'd guess it's ~2% each year. the question is asking about *ever*

04/02/12 9:37 pm

in the middle of one now. they don't care if you're right and are well-documented, for them it's all about them choosing you and making you pay for their time.

04/02/12 9:36 pm

If only 2 percent get audited why are we (as in this group) averaging 9 percent? We have plenty of youngins on here that should bring our average down. I understand older age and income up...but 18 percent!?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/02/12 8:33 pm

Kiss - keep it simple stupid. Try to get too fancy and see who comes to visit. We all have to contribute to our shared society. You want me to pay more? I hope you get caught! I know a multi millionaire who ain't one no more and is behind bars...

04/02/12 8:26 pm

Yeppers :D my boss was stupid and got the IRS, INS, and Department of Labor to break down the door all at the same time. That's a lesson to you kids, if you're gonna hire illegals don't make it so that there are holes in your tax filings. And do not register illegals on your taxes :D

snafu Washington
04/02/12 7:57 pm

We don't make enough money and have never cheated on our taxes (although there's been times when I've been tempted to...)

moogrouch West Virginia
04/02/12 7:19 pm

@trock30000 appears those over 40 also has a much higher % also, which is rational as they've filed taxes for a greater number of years increasing the likelihood they would be audited. I would say that also correlates with the higher income bracket as age=time in the workforce=opportunity to

04/02/12 6:31 pm

At our company (which my husband and I own) we got audited by one of the states we do business in (Montana). Turns out we'd overpaid; they owed us money. Glad they audited us.

Comet? Tennessee
04/02/12 5:15 pm

IRS never audited me because I am a good man. 0:-)

04/02/12 4:51 pm

We need to throw out the tax code or simplify it

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/02/12 4:41 pm

Mara. Look on the bright side. Some body's getting a job.

04/02/12 4:35 pm

The thing is with the Obama admin hiring new agents in the IRS more and more people will be audited in the future.

04/02/12 3:33 pm

@waaazzaap...I got my iPhone for free when the latest model was released, so apparently you can be poor, have an iPhone, and still be audited.

waaazzaap Arizona
04/02/12 3:26 pm

@shonf apparently your not otherwise you couldn't afford an iPhone

04/02/12 3:03 pm

I'm dirt poor and they audited me!

trock Nevada
04/02/12 2:39 pm

the income polls show a unfair amount of rich people being audited but that's most likely a good thing

04/02/12 1:39 pm

Ive been audited for the home office expenses I deducted once. Also for vehicle expenses since I'm self employed. Wasn't too hard, they couldnt find anything.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
04/02/12 1:07 pm

thank goodness, no. we do our best, but no one is in complete compliance. even the individual agents will tell you this. when the tax code is 60,000 pages + and it changes on a daily basis, not even the best CPA can protect.

04/02/12 11:49 am

I think they called it a "review".

04/02/12 11:09 am

A lot of times the "little guys" lie to get thousands in earned income credit (there are many ways people do this). it isn't just the rich people that can cheat!

04/02/12 10:16 am

No, and hopefully never. They should worry about the rich folks with all the loopholes that cheat their asses off on their taxes, not the little guy where they might gain $100.

04/02/12 8:42 am

I've had them come after me twice. Both times it was their mistake! When I got married, they told me I wasn't married, and another time they didn't give me credit for taxes I had paid! That's why I use a CPA now. No more problems.

04/02/12 6:58 am

not a full flung audit, but when it was done the IRS owed me.

04/02/12 6:51 am

Never. But now that my husband owns his own business and deals with a lot of cash, our chances may go up. Still unlikely though.

04/02/12 6:49 am

no. statistically, less than 2% of taxpayers are audited.

scottstots Georgia
04/02/12 5:51 am

I don't think they would waste their time auditing my returns. With three kids under 10, I think my standard deduction is worth more than I could deduct anyway

04/02/12 5:50 am

Thankfully, no. The IRS seem scary LOL  I don't want to get on their bad side

04/02/12 5:48 am

Nope. I have a family full of accountants. So far, no troubles!

04/02/12 5:42 am

no, our accountant is an ex-IRS employee and knows what triggers an audit.

2katz I live in Nebraska
04/02/12 5:30 am

Foolishly claimed Home Office deduction for a teeny small business I hoped to get going. Fortunately when I met with the agent on person he had no trouble allowing it.