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DerekWills November 12th, 2017 5:14pm

Delta damaged my carryon bag that was valet checked at the gate on my flight from MHT to LGA. As a result, my MacBook Pro was damaged (see avatar). I’ve reached out to Delta about it. What would you say is fair to correct this problem?

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11/14/17 11:10 am

Lol. You’re not getting a new Mac book. Lol

omniku dot com
11/13/17 5:34 pm

You know what Delta stands for right?

Doesn’t Ever Leave Terminal Area


chinito Florida
11/14/17 12:13 pm

I thought it was

Don't Expect Laptop To Arrive

NKarta Please excuse my sanity
11/13/17 8:14 am

They better replace or compensate you.

JDoe Its a gift
11/13/17 3:22 am

I would never, ever, ever let an airline take a bag that had a laptop (ever!). I would be amazed if they took any responsibility.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/13/17 1:28 am

OUCH! So sorry, דרק!
I ONLY fly Southwest...

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
11/12/17 9:36 pm

They dropped my bag. The zipper was mangled to where it was unusable.

11/12/17 5:50 pm

Present value of said MacBook.

I’m sure Delta will give you a bag of chips and an open box of crayons and call it even.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/13/17 1:29 am

No - don’t forget the plastic “Junior Captain” wings!!

Liberty 4,032,064
11/12/17 5:32 pm

Replace what they broke.

susanr Colorado
11/12/17 2:20 pm

Maybe a check for the price of a refurbished recent-model MacBook Pro direct from Apple? That way you could put it toward a new MacBook Pro if you wanted to, or buy the refurb if you wanted a comparable machine to what you had before. I've had a refurb MacBook Pro for over a year now and I'm entirely happy with it.

(I used to turn my nose up at the thought of refurbs, but my daughter has pretty much convinced me they're a good idea if you buy from a good source, unless you *must* have the latest model. She's been buying them for years. Anything broken has been fixed. The price is good. There's a warranty. Far better than just buying used, untested, unfixed.)


MachoMatt84 Climbing Mountains
11/12/17 4:12 pm

I've bought several refurbished items and have had no indication of previous use, nor any issues. Key, like you said, is to buy from a reputable source.

imanag My heaven on Earth
11/12/17 12:11 pm

Would you like cash or a check? They should compensate you the for market value of your items.

British Airways lost my makeup bag at Heathrow years ago. I walked out of LAX with a check for $600. When they found my bag 6 weeks later, they insisted that I keep the money I hadn’t spent. Good luck!

imanag My heaven on Earth
11/12/17 8:56 pm

That's what I said! I didn't have that much make up in that little bag. They insisted.

missmorganmarie ...
11/12/17 9:01 pm

thats so generous
and awesome

MachoMatt84 Climbing Mountains
11/12/17 10:30 am

If it were Alaska Airlines, they'd probably do a good job of compensation as they are very customer service oriented. Not sure where delta's business focus is. I'm sure with American Airlines you'd be lucky to even get a voucher for food from the food court. I had a big issue with American Airlines once. They worked with Alaska Airlines to get me to my destination, but not without a lot of frustration and another missed flight. Alaska Airlines, though not the airline I was scheduled to fly with originally, gave me a food voucher and seat upgrade on their flight. But, of course, that doesn't help you. My bad.


I'd ask for the cost to replace the MacBook. You may get half the value or something, but nevertheless, ask. You could threaten to make a PR nightmare for them. Might work

Diogenes Not Biden It
11/12/17 10:18 am

I'd say a new MacBook, but you'll never get that unless you lawyer up and threaten to take them to court. At best you may get $500 compensation towards cost of a new one.

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
11/12/17 10:16 am

I’m asking because I honestly don’t know what would be fair in this situation. The damage can’t really be repaired (except for the cracked screen). A new MacBook Pro is about $1500. I want to be fair, but I also want to be made whole.

11/12/17 11:35 am

I’d say $1500 or maybe $1500 minus what you can sell your damaged Mac for.

Also it kind of depends on its age (IMO), if it’s already 6 years old (for instance) I don’t know if it’s fair that the buy you a full brand new 2017 version, that’s more than a replacement, but an upgrade.

If it’s only a couple years old, than a new one is close enough, since you’ll have to go through the pain of getting & setting up a new one.

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
11/12/17 12:02 pm

It actually is 6 years old, which is why I’m weary about a full replacement.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
11/12/17 12:10 pm

Why did you valet check it? I have always kept my laptop with me.

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
11/12/17 12:25 pm

It was a regional jet, so it has smaller overhead bins. My laptop bag is just slightly too big to fit in the overhead or under the seat, so they give me a pink tag to drop it off at the jetway, which I pick up right there after I land.

susanr Colorado
11/12/17 2:54 pm

So they put it in the cargo area of the plane when you boarded?

The smallest commercial planes I've been in - 8-passenger turboprop Cessna 208 Caravans - have had adequate room for my carryon bag, and I think that was back when I was hauling around a larger laptop.

I did have my carryon bag - my *only* bag, on that trip - taken away and put in cargo once, though. That was in the middle of a wild & stormy, very crazy travel day when the whole east coast flight scene was in chaos. In Pittsburgh, I was pushed onto a small jet after hours of delays; ground crew thought they were "helping" me by taking my bag off my hands.

Someone else apparently grabbed my bag when it was unloaded at Dulles.

I was on my way to a romantic weekend in Philadelphia. I ended up there with a purse, and nothing else. My bag turned up, but not until a week after I got home. Nothing in it was damaged, at least.

I don't think I'll *ever* let them "help" me by stowing my bag, ever again.


11/12/17 3:06 pm

So, how did the romantic getaway weekend work out?

susanr Colorado
11/12/17 7:53 pm

GA - Ha! It was rather wonderful, after the craziness was over. It followed us all the way to Philly.

This was a relationship that had started online; we'd known each other on CompuServe's MedSIG Forum for a year or so before we actually met, and by this point we'd been seeing each other occasionally for about a year. I was in grad school in WV; he was a radiologist but mostly computer programmer in Seattle.

We stayed at the Four Seasons in Philly. Me with no luggage; I'm sure that looked... suspicious. He tried to get me to go to Victoria's Secret to buy underwear, but I just washed mine in the hotel room sink and wore his extra socks. I must have bought some shirts somewhere and just wore my jeans a couple extra days; I forget. We went to a science museum (Franklin Institute?) and an art museum, and visited an old friend of his, and ate a *lot*.

We had a good time.


11/12/17 8:21 pm

That’s making the best of things, a trait I admire. I’ll bet you had some good laughs about the situation.

susanr Colorado
11/14/17 7:21 pm

Oh, we did. The whole relationship was full of good humor.

Too bad it didn't last. I *really* liked him.