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catpillow Florida West Coast
11/11/17 4:36 pm

Pop goes the weevil 🎶

phalnx Ohio
11/11/17 2:20 pm

How is this not 100% Curly? We got a few knuckleheads on here...some real wise guys!

11/11/17 2:35 pm

Whoop whoop woop wooo!

Yeah, everybody likes Curly, but I've lately come to appreciate Shemp as well.

phalnx Ohio
11/11/17 2:37 pm

Well, Shemp was FAR better than Joe Besser or Curly Joe, but that ain't saying much.

11/11/17 2:42 pm

No doubt.

11/11/17 2:44 pm

I've even spotted Shemp in bit parts in movies that didn't include Moe or Larry.

phalnx Ohio
11/11/17 3:38 pm

Huh...were they from the '30's and early '40's before he rejoined the Stooges? I'm having a hard time finding them.

11/12/17 4:33 am

Search for IMDB Shemp Howard.

I counted at least 76 non-stooge roles including a part in Bank Dick, the famous WC Fields movie.

Now I'll have to watch that movie again.