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j7469 New Hampshire
11/11/17 10:04 pm

I just ordered one today. Would have typically pre-ordered but going from a plus to a smaller phone I needed to see one in person first.

11/11/17 11:05 pm

I think the screen is about the same size as the plus, while the phone body is smaller

j7469 New Hampshire
11/12/17 8:48 am

While on paper it's larger (5.8 vs 5.5) it is actually smaller. The screen is taller making the total area smaller. My concern is viewing websites in landscape, it so much smaller that Apple removed tabs from being constantly visible to save space.

missmorganmarie ...
11/13/17 12:47 pm

the touchscreen apparently doesn't work in cold temperatures

phalnx Ohio
11/11/17 2:50 pm

Nah. I save my money for legitimate gaming machines. I could buy a PS4 and an Xbox One for what one of those costs!