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TCheyenne November 11th, 2017 6:27pm

MS-13 gang may have killed three teens found on Long Island back in 2016, report says. Still many large Cities across the USA are protecting MS-13 via Sanctuary Cities Laws. Should Sanctuary Cities be penalized when crimes are committed by illegals?

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infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
11/11/17 7:54 pm

The politicians should be who allow the sanctuary cities, but don't punish the people who live there as it just means higher taxes and who knows what else for us citizens.

11/11/17 6:57 pm

Yes, and their politicians should be heavily fined and impeached

Diogenes FreeMeBe
11/11/17 2:56 pm

Absolutely, yes! The only way to hurt the, is via the subsidies they receive from the Federal Government.

11/11/17 2:28 pm

Nice fear mongering question.

cowboy Dawns Highway
11/11/17 1:25 pm

The Mayors should be arrested by the Feds. What happened to draining the swamp?

TrueAmerican7 I Am Galt.
11/11/17 1:23 pm

Those politicians have broken their oaths, and the law. They should be arrested, immediately removed from office, and sentenced for high crimes and treason.

11/11/17 12:08 pm

Don’t phrase a poll in such a bias and false manner. Sanctuary cities do not protect SOLELY MS13. That’s not it’s objective and I️t never was. And you would be idiotic to assume that ALL MS13 members are undocumented. Furthermore, there are terrible US citizens that are white and that number is higher than the amount of MS13 members. Don’t be ignorant and naive. Sanctuary cities do not protect undocumented criminals. If and when they are prosecuted they are dealt with equally, not protected. They are 9 times out of 10 deported and usually found when they commit crimes.

11/11/17 12:20 pm

If you are undocumented you are a criminal because you committed a crime by sneaking across the border illegally.

11/11/17 12:21 pm

Let’s see a link to those statistics too.

Ebola1 Florida
11/11/17 2:49 pm

Agree that there are terrible people who are white but apparently you haven’t noticed that sanctuary cities don’t protect them. Sanctuary cities just protect undocumented criminals.

11/12/17 9:11 am

So where all the founding founders criminals for taking the lands of the natives ? Where all the white immigrants that came, Irish , Italian , Jews, etc. Criminals back then? Presumably your own ancestors, where they criminals? Or is I️t just Latin Americans that your intolerant asses can’t deal with

Ebola1 Florida
11/12/17 9:41 am

Undocumented aliens, regardless of nationality.

Your argument about native Americans is a straw man, but thanks for your concern. Still I don’t agree with your opinion that we, as immigrants, should have had sanctuary cities to protect us.

To my knowledge the native Americans had no laws against immigration. Thus, America, at that time was essentially open borders. Immigrants took advantage of that and claimed the continent for themselves the same way undocumented aliens and those that support them are attempting to do now. Now we no have longer open borders and have laws against unlawful entry into our country making those who do so criminals (as they should be).

I hope this history lesson has been instructive for you.


11/12/17 9:55 am

This seems to be a thing with those on the left. They can’t defend their own positions on anything so they just jump around from one silly argument to another.
It doesn’t even bother them when they aren’t making any sense.

11/13/17 4:03 pm

I think you should learn some history. Because imperialist countries such as Spain, France, England, etc. Had rules and laws against exploitation of natives and they were welcomed back as heroes and still shine in history books today. So keep glorifying your white bullshit history, and leave those trying to make enough money to put a plate of food for their families alone. You apathetic imbecile.

Ebola1 Florida
11/13/17 5:26 pm

Still supporting criminals I see. I think you should reconsider who’s pathetic in this conversation and (hint) it’s not me. I understand that name calling is all you’ve got and I don’t think you are an imbecile. Your comments just make you look like one. LOL

TCheyenne I Love People
11/14/17 8:20 pm

Darnflabit: That May not have been their objective however when you Social Justice Warriors have any power at all the policies that you favor somehow tend to be forged out of emotions instead of logic. Like for an example: liberals prerequisite for policy implementation is “did we mean well”? Whereas Conservatives ask”will it do well”? Big difference Flabit!
The only ignorance is coming from your ill informed comment as to the Sanctuary Cities refusal to cooperate with ICE,DEA,ATF & FBI agents. Until you have educated yourself on issues outside of your Leftist worldview I don’t think you can comprehend things as they truly are. Otherwise mental midgets like you who speak as if you know something will rub off your stupidity on your useful Idiot peers and doom them to 20 years of being a mole from a whack a mole game. Before they finally realize how wrong they were.