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11/11/17 7:07 am

Sounds like you are a unionist

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
11/11/17 7:00 am

My customers, my building.

My boss is merely my oversight.

11/11/17 2:11 am

Mostly to the people I am responsible for and who work for me

Alcerus fascist
11/11/17 1:47 am

Management. My boss writes my check, my coworkers would screw me over in a heartbeat to get a pay raise.

DarkLord610 Euclid , Oh
11/11/17 4:12 am

Does this not mean that YOU would do the same ,

Alcerus fascist
11/11/17 7:07 am

It depends on the situation. I've covered for coworkers who were late before, but if they seriously screw something up I'm not going down with them. If they come to work impaired to the point where they can't do their job, I'll report it, but I wouldn't make up lies about someone to get them in trouble.