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bluerum29 November 10th, 2017 9:02pm

Tomorrow marks 11 years of marriage. We are going out tonight for dinner to celebrate though. Do you usually celebrate those kinds of things on the day or just around it?

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DrCarpenter Ann Arbor
11/15/17 1:11 pm

It at least needs to be recognized on the day of, but something like going out to dinner can happen the day after (or similar).

lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/12/17 5:36 pm

I hope you both show love and appreciation towards each other everyday ❣️ Happy Anniversary ! We usually go on the day, but we’re flexible too.

missmorganmarie ...
11/11/17 5:46 am


how was dinner?

imanag My heaven on Earth
11/10/17 5:51 pm

Congratulations to you two!! 🎉 We try to go out on the day of, but it’s not always possible. Sometimes we wait to celebrate the following Saturday.

Kay41 the Midwest
11/10/17 5:43 pm

Happy Anniversary! We try to go out on the actual day but sometimes that is hard to do.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
11/10/17 4:42 pm

And dinner tonight is canceled as well as any other extra curriculars, she doesn't feel good.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
11/10/17 7:44 pm

Awww, man! Hope she’s better soon. 😊

missmorganmarie ...
11/11/17 5:47 am

I just saw, disregard above
hope she feels better!

CajunTrooper Louisiana State Trooper
11/10/17 3:55 pm

I give my wife a gift on the day and then we’ll go out on the closest Saturday. We’ll make 8 years on March 16.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
11/10/17 3:46 pm

Everything we celebrate is usually around the date. My family isn’t specific. I’ve had my own parents call a day later and wish me a happy bday. His is an exact date family. His parents & sister call ON your birthday and anniversary and sing. It’s sweet, but not my thing. Sadly, we’ve lost his parents the last couple years, so I know it’s something he misses from them.

Advil sc
11/10/17 4:50 pm

Katerina13. That is an interesting picture in your profile. I spent my working days in heavy construction building a few bridges among other things.

Last September was 51. We try to celebrate on the day when practical.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
11/10/17 7:43 pm

Cool! My Pa Pa built bridges for a living for 42 years, Austin Bridge Co. That particular bridge is the suspension bridge over Royal Gorge in Colorado. Took the pic just before we were about to drive back over it. Just a tiny bit frightening!

chickencookie Biden Crime Syndicate
11/10/17 3:26 pm

On the Saturday closest. It’s impossible to celebrate on the day given my husband’s work hours.

lostriver Oregon
11/10/17 3:17 pm

We still do something together on or around our anniversary. We’ve been together going on for nearly 40 years, and married for over 36 years.
Congratulations, enjoy, relax, and reconnect with your soul mate.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/10/17 2:53 pm

Congratulations! Have a great time!

Acow Where is the Source
11/10/17 2:53 pm

Kinda crazy how your anniversary is on 11/11 and it’s been 11 years

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/10/17 2:34 pm

We have to work around migraines, so we settle for around the actual date.

Happy Anniversary!

smartfart Florida
11/10/17 2:14 pm

We usually do something special on the day, even if it’s small. The big dinner or vacation may come within a week or two of the actual date.

CrazDab Florida
11/10/17 2:11 pm

Just do some research and go someplace different and new. I went to this one place kind of an Indian/African inspired place and they had this naan bread and they had 8 different dipping sauces. It was sooo different. And good! Had a blast!!! Just do something different together. A different experience 👍😎

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
11/10/17 2:25 pm

We are actually going to the same place we went last year. Really good steak dinner. Last year was the only ever time we have been there