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Ebola1 November 10th, 2017 2:04pm

Yesterday I attended a funeral for the sister of some well known celebrities. It was well attended and all were respectful. Do you think it’s rude to attend a funeral because you are fans of family members or is it just showing respect?

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DrCarpenter Ann Arbor
11/10/17 2:10 pm

Pretty terrible. If you're attending because you knew and loved the individual who has passed, then sure, it's understandable. But if you're going and didn't (or hardly) knew them, it's wrong.

11/11/17 8:21 am

I disagree. Having others to mourn/celebrate is very powerful. I have seen open podium where someone goes up and says they didn't know the person hardly at all, and then they tell about the one time they met them and the impact that had on their life - it is so inspirational.

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
11/10/17 10:20 am

Rude. You are intruding on a very private family event, which should only include friends of the deceased as additional guests. Would you also attend any follow up event where food was made available?

11/10/17 10:03 am

Tacky and rude.

Zach21 California
11/10/17 9:55 am

That's pretty rude.

Kay41 the Midwest
11/10/17 7:10 am

I guess it depends on why the person is attending. If they are doing it just to meet or see the celebrity, then I find it in poor taste. Personally, I'd never attend a funeral like that.

Ebola1 Florida
11/10/17 7:12 am

Neither would I.

voc I am...verified
11/10/17 7:35 am

I agree with Kay.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/10/17 9:19 am

So do I. If my daughter is well enough I’m going to a funeral tomorrow. She was a member of my Red Hat group. When one of our sisters die we show up at her funeral wearing our red hats.

11/10/17 7:09 am

Personally, I think funerals should be for families and close friends. No judgements.

Ebola1 Florida
11/10/17 7:11 am

I agree but otoh they were very respectful.

11/10/17 7:29 am

Was it a friend of yours or were you one of the other attendants?

Ebola1 Florida
11/10/17 7:32 am

I was with the family. My wife’s brother was her husband and I have cared medically for all of them in the past.

11/10/17 7:35 am

Gotcha. I was a little confused. I’m glad the others were respectful. We’ve had few celebrity funerals here but one I can think of was quite the scene.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/10/17 9:21 am

My friends son was a firefighter that was killed. The show of of the community was huge at the services. It really comforted the families. Actually two of my friends lost sons in that fire. The line of fire trucks was 5 miles long. We are a small town but they traveled. It gave comfort to our community.

11/10/17 9:53 am

We just had a funeral for a police office killed in the line of duty during a training accident. It was such a tragic loss that they made space for the general public in the arena.