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SupremeDolphin November 10th, 2017 6:04am

In your relationship (fictitious if necessary), who is the more dependent/attached one?

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SupremeDolphin They.them
11/10/17 8:20 am

I answered the same as you for both polls. I was thinking about it this morning, and I was wondering if I'd be the only one.

11/10/17 8:25 am

It’s an interesting dynamic. My husband doesn’t come from an affectionate background. His father wasn’t very emotional and neither was his mom. Emotion is like a liability for them. So weird. So my husband isn’t very romantic (he tries) but loves me and as a result, I’m the romantic one and the dependent one.

SupremeDolphin They.them
11/10/17 8:35 am

I haven't met her family yet. It's a bit complicated. Her family is Pakistani and in her culture this whole romance thing, according to her, isn't really viewed well, especially since I wasn't picked by her parents. Her parents aren't even together anymore, so it seems odd that they too would hold this traditionalist mindset. Regardless of her upbringing, she's incredibly affectionate, and that's what I'm looking for, because as I answered in the poll, I'm the dependent/attached one; I appreciate the random "I love you"s out of the blue, and the whole shabang. But I'm also the more romantic one. I always make a point to remind her I love her before she sleeps and before she wakes up. I regularly right her poems, etc.

The reason I think they could be linked is as such: since I'm the more dependent one, I have this mindset that she must appreciate more romantic gestures, and the like.

I tried not to ramble, but it happens when I mention her; I'm completely infatuated

11/10/17 9:07 am

That is so sweet and no it’s not rambling! It can be sometimes frustrating for me because I’ve dated super romantic guys and I have to balance someone who tries his hardest and loves me more than anything with empty gestures from guys who didn’t value or care about me in the same way. Also, I have to factor in dysfunctional parents on my part who had an odd way of showing affection if at all.

SupremeDolphin They.them
11/10/17 10:05 am

Sometimes my sweetheart (we don't say boyfriend/girlfriend because in her opinion it sounds temporary or not serious, which o agree with) isn't able, due to her emotional state or the time she has available) to give me the affection I'd love, but I know she goes through a lot in her life, and I don't hold it against her. She does everything she can, and we're both dedicated to each other, so I tell myself one day we'll have a house, maybe some kids, and when something goes wrong, things will go better in that regard.

The reason I was thinking about it is because Tuesday was her birthday, and something bad happened, I imagine regarding her family. And she wanted to be left alone, and so I did, but this morning I said no, this isn't right, I should be doing more than just respecting her desire to be left alone. She's gotta know that I care.

Rambling again, been one of those days lmao I gotta stop

rons Thanks America
11/10/17 6:46 am

I’d be nothing without her.

11/10/17 10:12 am

You’ve always spoken so highly of your wife rons, respect✌🏼

rons Thanks America
11/10/17 11:03 am

Liked her 56 years ago and still do.