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SNYBT November 9th, 2017 7:38pm

Have you heard the Tragedy of Darth Pelagius the Wise?

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PrinceOberyn Reduce Reuse Reanimate
11/09/17 1:49 pm

Memes aside, yes. Darth Plagueis, known to the galaxy as famed banker Hego Damask, was the Sith Lord and master to Darth Sidious. He himself was once apprentice to Darth Tenebrous. Plagueis took a scientific approach to the Dark Side, experimenting on the midichlorians of usually unwilling victims trying to achieve immortality and the creation of life.

mitchman399 Oregon
11/09/17 1:06 pm

No I haven't. I don't think it's a story the Jedi would tell.