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pof November 8th, 2017 8:49pm

Virginia is a red state that has recently turned blue. Do you believe any states will change from being consistently one party to the next in the near future (4-6 years)?

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popapop2 Ohio
11/08/17 5:10 pm

Maybe not on national elections but as far as state elections Ohio is pretty red right now which I see continuing through our 2018 state elections.

mudkip17 United States of Texas
11/08/17 3:01 pm

I wouldn't say last night made it a blue state. well have to see how they vote in 2020. California more time than not has a Republican govonor but it's still a blue state

FloridaPopulist Nationalist Right
11/08/17 2:34 pm

Minnesota, Maine, Georgia, Arizona

11/08/17 2:25 pm

Virginia was a purple state that is barely blue. Mostly from the Washington DC suburbs in northern VA.

JudicialJedi321 2000 Mules
11/08/17 1:58 pm

I'm praying Minnesota goes red at least once in the next few years.
It had been close, so I think it's possible at least.

That and Pennsylvania Wisconsin and Michigan are reclaiming their status as swing states from being rather solid as blue states recently.
Especially state side in which republicans are gaining lots of ground.

Liberty 4,032,064
11/08/17 1:50 pm

When was it a Red state?

11/08/17 1:58 pm

It heavily supported the Republicans in federal elections from the 1950's to 2004. It also tended to have at least 1 Republican Senator at the time. State politics was also favorable for Republicans, with Democrats being rather conservative in order to win.

11/08/17 2:26 pm

It’s been a purple/blue state since the 90’s

11/08/17 2:32 pm

It did not swing blue until Obama and was reliably red for presidential elections. George W. Bush easily carried Virginia both times my 8% margins. Bush I+Perot and Dole+Perot did equally well. Bush I won it by 20%. Reagan got it by 23% and 25% respectively. Nixon got it by 11% and 37%.

If you're judging by state politics, much of the South and Midwest wasn't red until recently, or isn't red at all. State and local politics tend to be more competitive as the local parties tend to be independent of the national parties.

11/08/17 3:08 pm

Wrong. The north turned blue recently(last 12 years), not the south turned red recently

11/08/17 3:11 pm

I just listed some hard facts and statistics.

You're going to need a lot more than your opinion and "WRONG!!!'

11/08/17 3:12 pm

No. I’m fine with that. You are WRONG !
But you never listen to anyone so ...

11/08/17 3:13 pm

Ozzy, state Democrats have held power in the South for a long time.

You are heavily confusing state level parties and national parties. State level parties are frequently more liberal or conservative depending on how their state is. An Alabama Democrat could be more conservative than many New York Republicans.

11/08/17 3:14 pm

Ozzy, you're being very rude. Discuss things civilly, use facts, and bring statistics. If you are going to spout your mouth off, I will cease talking to you since there's nothing to be gained by talking to you.

11/08/17 3:28 pm

Virginia is/was a blue state, has to do with changing demographics and hasn't been reliable for many years, 2004 was a freak accident probably spurred from 9/11. Look at the mayors as an example, they're mostly liberals not moderates. Yesterday's races were non competitive, republicans won in red states Dems won in blue states, something which might be Significant would be one of the states which Trump flipped.

11/08/17 3:32 pm

The 2006 Senate Race saw the conservative Democrat Jim Webb win by .4%. I don't think 2004 was a freak accident.

11/08/17 3:51 pm

And since it has become solidly blue. It's the changing demographics. People moving from D.C. And republicans moving out to states like Florida and the Carolinas. Even politifalse admits that's the case

11/08/17 3:55 pm

Yes, I have never said Virginia wasn't getting blue.