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ChuckyG November 8th, 2017 1:21am

Do you think this app is an Antifa hotspot where they communicate and coordinate Antifa plans?

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Alcerus fascist
11/07/17 9:01 pm

All hail Antifa! You'd better watch out, Chucky, or we'll make you wear skinny jeans and dye your hair blue! Now excuse me while I drink my half-frap no whip caramel macchiato with extra foam and write on my Tumblr about how Trump is literally worse than any dictator who has ever lived!

voc Hey
11/08/17 9:06 pm

We no longer like extra foam. We now like extra whip cream. Did you not get the memo?

markm72 Cornwall,PA
11/07/17 7:46 pm

Dude... you really need to lay off the acid.

markm72 Cornwall,PA
11/07/17 8:06 pm

Where do you come up with this tinfoil hat nonsense?

markm72 Cornwall,PA
11/07/17 8:42 pm

Your protestations are a bit too strenuous. Perhaps *you* are the Antifa plant here.😉