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SHIPPY1944 Tn.
11/07/17 8:27 pm

Christian, means follower of Christ, yes I am !

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
11/07/17 8:14 pm

I believe in the possibility of a creator or life force, but I do not follow any specific religious beliefs.

Tariq88 Utah
11/07/17 7:49 pm

@susanr to share if you haven't already.

Tariq88 Utah
11/07/17 7:03 pm

I'm just basing these polls off of what people identify as.

Tariq88 Utah
11/08/17 1:16 pm

I will get to that, I am only doing three a week.

Tariq88 Utah
11/07/17 6:19 pm

First in the the series of Religion survey polls. I will try to post three a week . This week Abrahamic Religions.

jlong105 Indiana
11/07/17 6:16 pm

I’m not Christian I am Jlong105. I’ll tell him you are looking for him if I see him.