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ILovePinions1 November 8th, 2017 1:07am

Is the fact that the media and affiliates be social media in today's society is a problem in today's market seen World that we did not have back then Bill Clinton's fault?

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11/07/17 6:11 pm

Is the media like CNN, Social Media, sensationalism, and daily issues in today's World that come and go like mass shootings and racist riots Bill Clinton's fault?

11/07/17 6:12 pm

Could it be Obama's fault, then?

doober72 Vidalia, Ga.
11/07/17 6:17 pm

Obama is the most divisive president in history, yes.

11/07/17 6:19 pm

So, mass shootings, like Texas this past weekend was Obama's fault. To this day, despite Trump. Am I right?

doober72 Vidalia, Ga.
11/07/17 6:27 pm

Well it damn sure ain't Trump's fault. I'm not judge and jury, I can't make the call on this. You decide for yourself.

11/07/17 6:28 pm

It's gotta be Obama's fault!