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tipsyindian November 7th, 2017 7:56pm

If people succeeded solely based on merit, would there be a perfectly equal distribution of successful people across race, gender, religion, etc, or would some groups be more successful than others?

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sea California
11/07/17 8:50 pm

Of course it would not be equal. Look at current society. Different groups have different cultures.

11/07/17 6:08 pm

Hence, participation awards and the entitlement culture of the progressives

elfangor USA
11/07/17 4:29 pm

No. There are biological differences across different races and between men and women. People are affected by their ideologies, so their will be differences in group averages across religions. Everyone should have equal opportunities to succeed, but we need to accept that there will be different average outcomes between different groups.

Jazzy5 USA
11/07/17 1:49 pm

Nothing, about life is equal !

TheBlackKnight Eclipse
11/07/17 4:49 pm

Grammar, is not, a good thing ?!