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mark4 November 7th, 2017 6:53pm

My sister-in-law gave me half a doz big Japanese persimmons. She says they're the non-astringent variety. I love these things and would like to get your suggestions on a recipe.

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auntiesamm Orange County CA
11/07/17 1:25 pm

Find a persimmon bread recipe. Make a few loaves to freeze.

11/07/17 1:26 pm

Auntie, have you done that?

11/07/17 12:18 pm

I eat them.

11/07/17 12:43 pm

asia, I expect to eat them too, but this 6 are likely the only ones I'll have this year. Thus my question.

11/07/17 4:20 pm

I still eat mine. Cooking ruins them for me but I hope you find a way to make the enjoyment of them last as long as possible.

11/07/17 4:49 pm

Thank you. There are things which are so much better fresh that the only reason for not eating them that way is because you have too many.

Figs are like that. So you think it's true of persimmons too?

11/08/17 5:20 am

Had one for breakfast as a topping for a toasted bagel smeared with cream cheese.


11/12/17 6:41 am

And you're right. 6 is not enough to worry about how to cook them. I'm so enjoying eating them raw and intend to plant at least one bush so I can deal with having too many.