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Is it impolite to recline your seat while on an airplane?

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Blokester0 Maryland
11/17/17 3:41 pm

I usually ask the person behind me first

11/12/17 5:23 pm

It is rude, impolite, self-serving, and irresponsible behaviour. It should not be permitted and airlines have a responsibility to take into consideration ALL customers, not the select few. Personally, I never put my seat in a reclining position. Respect for others comfort is primary.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/15/17 1:33 pm

If I pay for the seat. I own that space for the flight, including the full range of motion of the seat back.

11/15/17 2:17 pm

Well, whoopsie for you, thank God most people are as selfish and inconsiderate as you. Maybe you’ll realize it when some two-ton Tony sits in front of you and put her or his seat back. Then perhaps then you’ll feel the pain.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/15/17 3:24 pm

I have been there. The difference is I recognize that Tiny paid for his seat and it is his, not mine.

11/20/17 9:07 am

I own a car. I have, within the bounds of the law, complete control over how I drive it. However, I don’t use that control to tailgate other motorists or honk constantly because of something called common decency.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/20/17 9:28 am

How is that even remotely related?

11/20/17 9:33 am

It is related because both come down to basic decency. I whole heartedly support the idea of limited to no government, but such a thing only works when everyone is even slightly considerate.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/20/17 10:20 am

Completely in related. Your tailgating or blowing the horn doesn't interfere with my use of my car. It is just obnoxious. Restricting MY seat is taking something I own and transferring it to you.

Not even remotely alike.

11/20/17 10:26 am

First off, you are RENTING the privilege of seating in said seat from the airline. It is not your property. Further underscoring that fact is the reality that if I were to complain to the flight attendant like a child they would side with me. Do you know how I know this? The person in front of me on a flight complained to the flight attendant because he couldn’t recline his seat due to my presence. They calmly stated that he should keep his seat up so as to not inconvenience his fellow passengers.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/20/17 10:35 am

First off. ... who starts that way?

Renting is ownership of rights for a stated period of time. Play vanacular games if you want but I own that space for that flight.

And you may have just seen a flight attendant taking the easy way out with a particular bitchy passagener. I used to fly a lot and I have seen more than one flight attendant apologized to the complaining passenger and even offer to reseat them on flights that aren't full.

11/20/17 10:37 am

Attack my phrasing because everybody knows that invalidates my ideas.

11/20/17 10:39 am

On a full flight they side with my party. On an incompletely filled flight they will always endeavor to please everyone, so yes they will allow passengers to change seats.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/20/17 10:40 am

Hey tough guy, it was you who attacked my phrasing and I was pointing out how it doesn't matter. You want to call it rent, sure, whatever, but thanks for supporting my point even if you don't understand it.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/20/17 10:46 am

Im, you are incorrect. You may have seen one flight where one flight attendant did, but I have seen them not agree with you. Both are very small sample sizes, and I have often seen the front passenger agree to out his seat up, but in three instances I saw o eople refuse and the flight attendant reseated one, and simple apologized to the others. I suspect what you really saw was ap passenger volentarly relinquish his rights to avoid a fight, not an airline policy.

11/20/17 10:46 am

I did not attack your phrasing, I attacked your ideas. Owner’s rights and renter’s rights are different making the distinction important in a discussion on who has the right to the space used when tilting one’s seat. “First off” is a lazy way to start a paragraph, not a point I am asserting.

11/20/17 10:50 am

I will agree that neither of us have any evidence that isn’t anecdotal. However, the fact that people tend towards the polite solution ultimately supports my original idea that key to successful interactions between people are based around human decency, not the letter of the law or rules.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/20/17 10:58 am

Again I strongly disagree. People are sometimes peer pressured into giving up their rights. In this situation those applying the pressure are in the wrong, not the heros that stand up to them.

11/20/17 11:01 am

The law is codified social expectation. It is peer pressure put to paper and enforced with military strength.

vstrom Washington
11/10/17 10:57 pm

That’s what it’s for, to recline.

CrazDab Florida
11/10/17 11:37 am

Like they really recline that far to worry about it šŸ˜‚

LadyJazz Phoenix
11/08/17 5:46 pm

I think it’s okay to recline a bit, but you should have respect for the person behind you and not go too far back.

11/08/17 10:07 pm

You can’t go that far back..maybe an inch but that’s it.

lilPhoenix The Phoenix Controversy
11/08/17 4:46 pm

If someone is behind you then, yeah it’s rude

Poko Maine
11/08/17 1:02 pm

If you end up going so far back you hit them then yes

11/08/17 12:03 pm

Its fine when people recline back, what I don't like are these big people literally pushing them back as far as they can go, and actually bending whole seat frame back

akrealist a log cabin in the woods
11/08/17 5:56 am

It’s impolite of the airlines to put passengers in cattle cars in the first place.

Henry123 Connecticut
11/08/17 10:05 am

So pay for first class...

akrealist a log cabin in the woods
11/10/17 6:27 am

Unsure why you’d find that comment necessary. I pay for (and earn) plenty of upgraded seats.

My point is that we continue to pay more for less...regardless of where we sit....and to get nickel-and-dimed for the pleasure of sitting for hours in quickly-shrinking spaces, as “there isn’t really a choice” if you have to travel long distances in short time frames.

themahcrow Louisiana
11/08/17 5:45 am

Respect other people's personal space you a**holes.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/15/17 1:36 pm

Right, and that includes the full range of motion of my seat.

11/20/17 9:13 am

My knees touch the seat in front of me when it is fully erect. I am 6’5” and when some jerk tries to push his seat back, he ends up sitting in my lap. This pushes my legs outwards into the space of my neighbor infringing on their space. I’m not saying make a law to force the airline or anyone not to recline seats. I’m just saying that without a measure of decency society begins to break down.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/20/17 9:26 am

So someone who paid full price for a ticket should give up part of their seat to accommodate your size? No, just like the obease, if you don't fit in one seat you should be forced to purchase 2. You don't get part of mine for free.

11/20/17 9:29 am

Problem is one could make the argument that I’m paying for all of the space in front of me, not just the abridged amount you are leaving.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
11/20/17 10:18 am

No you can't make that argument at all. If that was your space the person in front of you wouldn't be given sole control of the button that controls the seat. If that was your space you would have control of it.

TGood123 California
11/08/17 12:26 am

I think so. Especially if there is a tall person behind you. Trust me, it makes for an uncomfortable flight.

tmtoo Daydreams and Nightmares
11/07/17 10:19 pm

It can be. Just ask first.

ShakaBrah California
11/07/17 10:10 pm

Not always, but there comes a time where it does become impolite. The passenger did pay for the seat, including the seat, tray table, foot room, carry on storage, AND the full functionalies of their seat. However, it becomes impolite when the passenger does not give notice to the passenger behind. The passenger behind may be doing something on the tray table. It is especially impolite when a passenger reclines the seat during meal service, as good will tip over and spill. So, if you are going to recliner your seat, warn the passenger behind you and never during meal service.

badattitude no place like home
11/07/17 10:07 pm

Many airlines are going to seats that are partially back and don't recline.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/07/17 8:45 pm

I would say yes. But the rows are a safety issue so no. Complain to the airline, not me.

That being said I don't typically recline unless the flight is more than 3 hours or I haven't had any sleep. Otherwise it's best I stay awake and upright.

grondini Mainer in NC
11/07/17 8:28 pm

If you're going to recline, do it slowly, and NOT at meal service! I only recline on flights longer than 4 hours or so. Fifteen hours on a plane from Atlanta to Tokyo requires a bit of reclining to get a little sleep!!

11/07/17 8:26 pm

Don’t do it! It’s rude!

Spiritof76 USA 1776
11/07/17 7:32 pm

No. I'll enjoy my coffee, peanuts, and reclining chair, thank you. Don't like it? Fly first class.

11/07/17 6:56 pm

No, except while eating.

susanr Colorado
11/07/17 6:55 pm

In cattle class? As close together as the seats are now, yes, it's impolite. I wouldn't do that to anyone behind me, knowing that it pretty much makes *me* unable to use my tray table, if the person in front of me reclines.

susanr Colorado
11/07/17 6:57 pm

Some people are saying seats go back only an inch and a half. If that's actually true, it's not so impolite, I guess. It definitely wasn't true in the past.

moonshot More often I know nothing
11/07/17 9:19 pm

Susan, I fly frequently and virtually all economy class seats recline two inches at the most, often even less. Some airlines now have seats that move the bottom part of the seat forward as the back reclines, allowing more space for the seat behind.

susanr Colorado
11/07/17 9:57 pm

Thanks! That's good to know, seriously, and I'll be happy to stick with my amended comment, then (and go change my vote, as well).

I don't fly nearly as often as I used to - really just once a year lately. Maybe the people in front of me remember previous days as much as I do, and don't feel they dare recline, or maybe they recline and I just haven't noticed.

I just remember times when I had my iPad propped up on its stand and the person in front of me would recline, and the tray table would jam into me, setting the iPad flying.

Actually I've lost more than a few pounds since then, so that may have helped too. But even so... I still saw it as an invasion of my space.


phalnx Ohio
11/07/17 6:51 pm

Yes. New law in phalnxland...everyone who reclines their seat gets a free punch in the face from the guy in back of him.

bringstheeagle Colorado
11/07/17 6:48 pm

All depends on how you do it.

11/07/17 6:35 pm

“Do you give a crap about others?”

Basically the same question.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/07/17 8:43 pm

I do. But your problem is with airlines, not me.

Henry123 Connecticut
11/08/17 10:07 am

No if you recline into my space my problem is with you.

commonman1 Peace
11/07/17 6:29 pm

You mean two inches. No.

11/07/17 5:29 pm

Iļø said yes but I’ve done it a few times. They only go back a millimeter anyway.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
11/07/17 5:18 pm

You should alert the persons behind you before you recline.

Wackacrat Harford County
11/07/17 5:05 pm

Don't be silly. If you don't want the seat in front of you to recline, you can pay for that one too.

EarlyBird Portland
11/07/17 5:03 pm

Yes, impolite.

11/07/17 4:59 pm

Why have the option? I paid for it, I’m doing it. Tough luck

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
11/07/17 4:48 pm

What, a whole two inches? I'm indifferent either way. Coach seats only do a token amount of reclining anyway.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/07/17 4:15 pm

No. The opposite. It is impolite to expect or request anyone not recline their seat.

josh42732 The Nation of Texas
11/07/17 4:05 pm

That question is basically asking “is it impolite to use a feature that comes with the seat”.

If you can afford to complain about someone’s seat being too far back because they’re reclining it, then you can afford to fly first class where that’s not an issue.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
11/07/17 3:54 pm

Not in First/Business Class

But youre a dick if you do it in Coach.

SlapHappy 5th Generation TX born
11/07/17 4:31 pm

Im a d**k for using the features that i paid for? You need to pay extra for exit row or bulkhead...unless we in your private jet preshus. šŸ˜š

NotQuiteWhite Earth
11/07/17 3:26 pm

I have been flying at least 3 times a year my whole life and its never bothered me. They don't even go back far enough to be a bother in my opinion.

arttie123 Progressive Independent
11/07/17 3:15 pm

I think it’s find but just don’t recline it too far back.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
11/07/17 5:10 pm

You can’t. They only go back an inch and a half.

11/09/17 4:22 pm

Not true if you are tall

swervin Maryland
11/07/17 2:55 pm

I only do it if the person in front of me does it. But I'm a tall guy and I already barely fit in those damn seats.

Henry123 Connecticut
11/07/17 2:49 pm

If there’s someone behind you then yes

11/07/17 2:14 pm

Yes but I do it anyways

ovcourse 8646 Bidenflation, CA
11/07/17 1:37 pm

Only during meal service

clipk0 Trump won, get over it.
11/07/17 1:36 pm

Stop posting repeated questions SOH

11/07/17 1:32 pm

Not a problem for me being 6’6’ . My knees prevent these rudies from coming back

JustHarry FL
11/07/17 1:31 pm

No, but you should never just bang it back as far as it can go! Going back slowly and stopping when the passengers legs behind you stop it’s backward motion is polite.
I can’t stand having the seat back straight up, but I don,t have to go ALL the way back, just because I can.

kelsey498 Colorado
11/07/17 1:25 pm

Yes, sorry. Considering how little space there is between seats, it’s incredibly rude and selfish unless it’s an overnight or long flight. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve had people slam their seat into my laptop, my head, knees, etc.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/07/17 1:19 pm

no, it’s not - that’s why the functionality is there

Eaglesfan28 New Jersey
11/07/17 1:28 pm

Something can be possible and still be rude - they’re not mutually exclusive

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/07/17 1:29 pm

ok - i don’t believe it is

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
11/07/17 1:35 pm

How about if you were told the seats on an airplane are not being used in their intended arrangement.

That the airline owner has actually adjusted the seats from where the factory that built the airplane put them.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/07/17 1:37 pm

there are some airlines where the seats don’t recline - Frontier and Spirit in the US i believe - more in Europe. the airline does decide the configuration - you can choose to fly those airlines or not.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
11/07/17 1:42 pm

Agreed, however the poll said "impolite"
So although you might be okay with reclining how so you feel about another passangers head in your lap?

All comes down to the person experiencing the person reclining. Not the person whom is reclining.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/07/17 1:44 pm

i’ll log 180-200k miles this year. it doesn’t bother me when people recline. i’m actually on a flight right now.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
11/07/17 1:57 pm

If you want extra space then recline your seat too. Problem solved.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
11/07/17 1:59 pm

Like I said I don't think it's a problem I think it's impolite

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
11/08/17 8:32 am

Meant to say it's not a problem it's just impolite.

I'm starting to think that maybe you guys are associating impolite with rude. When impolite is simply a lack of being polite.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/08/17 8:50 am

no, I understand tour position. i just don’t agree with you.

flight i was on yesterday - fairly new plane. seat in front of me was reclined, i was reclined, seat behind me reclined - we all had exactly the same amount of room as at take off, just at a more comfortable pitch. seat moved a few degrees at most. nothing impolite about it.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/09/17 4:33 pm

i guess the people in front and behind me were too - and are on most flights

feel free to fly Frontier, Spirit, and other airlines where the seats don’t recline.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
11/09/17 4:40 pm

That's to black, we can agree to disagree.
And frankly I agree with you if I don't like the ability to lean back in the chair don't give it to me to use.

I think it's inconsiderate but that doesn't necessarily make it "wrong".

11/09/17 9:43 pm

They give you a 200 horse power car but you don’t drive 100 just because why would they give you a car that could go that fast ?

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/09/17 10:14 pm

not even remotely close to the same thing. logical fallacy.

where’s the public safety issue in a 4% pitch recline?

11/10/17 7:06 am

Just another comparison where a vendor sells you something that you claim gives the right to disregard the rights of others

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/10/17 7:07 am

not even close to the same but whatever. we can agree to disagree. on another flight now and reclined as is everyone else around me.

11/10/17 7:08 am

It could be a stereo system where because the vendor create the ability to play at ear splitting volumes you would say why would they sell it if you couldn’t play at max volume regardless of a neighbors rights not listen to your music

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/10/17 7:10 am

stop with the stupid ‘comparisons’. let just disagree dude.

11/11/17 12:26 pm

Narcissist asshole you will never get it. You can’t do whatever shit you please at the expense of others . Period

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/11/17 1:31 pm

the rules allow you to recline. period.

if you want to be an idiot feel free to continue.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
11/11/17 1:32 pm

Maybe so. Nor do you have a right to be comfortable.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/11/17 1:36 pm

i wouldn’t call reclining in coach ‘comfortable’ - did a quick check on the LAX to PHL flight I took on Friday - I would say 65% of seats were reclined. and as i noted, it doesn’t bother me one bit when the person in front of me reclines.

obviously it bothers some people a lot in a very irrational way as demonstrated by this thread.

11/11/17 2:39 pm

If you have a short person behind you and you ask if ok to recline than do so but if tall person says no forget it

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
11/12/17 7:39 am

Your height is irrelevant to the passenger that wishes to recline. If you're tall and uncomfortable if someone reclines in front of you, then you should pay for the exit row, first class, or the extra leg room seats.

11/12/17 11:35 am

You must be a millennial - it’s all about you . But if you reversed your position meaning tall vs short and fat , guaranteed you wouldn’t want that idiot in front of you slamming his seat into your knees. Your argument holds no water - if a ball park sells beer and you drink until you throw up on guy in front of you , is that your right just because you bought a ticket and stadium sells beer?

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/12/17 2:24 pm

you must be an idiot.

I’m not a millennial - try again.

11/12/17 3:34 pm

Then just a dick enough said ole selfish one

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/12/17 3:37 pm

you have a lot of anger built up over this. i take it that you don’t fly much. you need some help. if your so opposed fly the airlines where you can’t recline or work to change airline opinion on their standards in this area.

or you can just butch on SoH like the asshole idiot you are.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/12/17 4:01 pm

55% of people disagree with you. time for an anger mgmt class.

11/12/17 5:46 pm

Well I have flown over 1.5 million miles and no one ever comes back on me being tall. But typically , I fly with more respectful people than you obviously aren’t

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
11/12/17 5:52 pm

I'm not a millennial either. I believe in personal responsibility, which means, in this case, that you take personal responsibility for your needs on a flight. If you need more room, then you have the ability to pay for that privilege. Otherwise you are a paying passenger with the same rights as everyone else. I paid for seat that reclines and if I'm wanting to, I will recline it. It only moves about 5deg. And I don't just jam it back. I slowly move it until I'm comfortable.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/12/17 5:54 pm

65% reclined on my last flight

you are obviously in the minority

good luck to you

11/13/17 3:23 pm

How did you get this little Factoid? Your anal comments suggest you would have or you and the 65% mysterious factoid were all short people or you were on a flight that had zero consideration for other passengers .

11/13/17 3:33 pm

So you just like to discriminate

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/13/17 3:38 pm

i walked back to the rest room and counted - sorry I’d don’t snap pics to document it for you. it’s an estimate but in the ballpark. and doesn’t address that you are clearly in the minority in your view.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
11/07/17 1:05 pm

That’s a really silly thing to get offended about.

11/09/17 4:26 pm

Again if you are tall and the inconsiderate person slams into to you it takes a lot of self control Not to slap them up side their head

IEatzCookies Alderaan
11/07/17 12:33 pm

If there's plenty of leg room, no. But if there's barely any leg room, I will kick the fucking shit out of your seat if you lean back.