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Think November 7th, 2017 2:21pm

Should Democrat and Socialist Rene Boucher be applauded or condemned?

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SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
11/07/17 12:12 pm

Socialist? So you’re saying he did this because he thought the means of lawn mowing should be owned by the home owners association? 🤣

Think Lovin Life
11/08/17 1:55 pm

Super ... stretch to try to make the question fit your silly preconceived notions. Whatever you do, don’t answer the question actually asked.

SuperAgain They lie, Get Over It
11/08/17 3:03 pm

Jokes = silly preconceived notions? Nope. The joke is indeed a silly notion, but not preconceived. 😉

Think Lovin Life
11/08/17 3:10 pm

Super ... thanks for confirming that you don’t live in the real world.

polster2 US
11/07/17 11:27 am

Why are you bringing his politics into this? There’s no evidence the attack on Paul was politically-motivated.

Think Lovin Life
11/08/17 1:56 pm

Polster ... politics are relevant when it comes to entitlement and attitude. Most wealthy communists are so entitled that they can’t see the idiocy of their selfish acts.

This numbskull’s politics helps to explain his actions!

ptellini GET OVER HERE
11/07/17 8:25 am

I don’t think it is ever particularly a good idea to attack it sitting US senator.
I am curious what a certain leftist on SOH and say about it.
@Think I think you know who I’m talking about 😜

Think Lovin Life
11/07/17 8:14 am

I get that it’s still early, but I find it fascinating that 25% of Democrats and 30% of Democrats who call themselves Independent applaud a man who physically attacked a sitting Senator and left him with life threatening injuries.

This shows that low info leftists likely voted solely on the idiots political affiliation with no concern to find out why he was even the subject of the question. Not even when I posted the article describing the man’s attack on Senator Paul.

And it is Democrats who are constantly telling the rest of us how smart and how well-informed they are ...