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BeachSt November 7th, 2017 1:37pm

Asheville, NC, a liberal mountain city has two Republican representatives because of gerrymandering. The Gerrymander 5K will follow the congressional boundary that splits the city and neighborhoods in half. Should change follow this 5K?

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suppressedID hope despite the times
11/07/17 7:21 am

Voting districts should be based off watersheds.

suppressedID hope despite the times
11/07/17 8:27 am

A) no arguing on where the line is, and
B) people who share the same water are less likely to foul it

11/07/17 6:41 am

No, because I don’t know that it’s gerrymandering based off of this poll. A lot of gerrymandering accusations are made by sore losers.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/07/17 6:52 am

NC is one of the worst. Republicans won back control early in Obama's presidency and redrew everything. It's a 50-50 split state between liberals and conservatives yet has 10 Republicans and 3 democrats.

In the case of Asheville, an entire liberal metro area is only represented by republicans.

11/07/17 6:56 am

But gerrymandering isn’t the only reason that might happen. The democrat candidate could have just been really bad, or maybe democrat voters there don’t vote, or it might be culturally Democrat but politically conservative.
There are literally a thousand other reasons that have nothing to do with Gerrymandering.

11/07/17 6:56 am

I’m also skeptical because, if the area really is “entirely liberal,” then no amount of gerrymandering would overcome that.

11/07/17 6:58 am

I’d also argue that efforts to correct suspected gerrymandering are themselves attempts to gerrymander.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/07/17 7:09 am

Well none of that is the case. It's represented by democrats at the state level and the entire county went for Obama and Clinton by 10-15 points.

And yes, entirely. I never mentioned the population. If you split it into two you can get large swaths of rural farmland around it in both districts.

Correcting gerrymandering is not gerrymandering.

11/07/17 7:12 am

Like I said, I don’t know enough about the situation to call it gerrymandering.

And yes, I see most accusations and attempts to correct gerrymandering as attempts to rig elections in favor of the complaining group.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/07/17 7:18 am

It's different here. Or rather it used to be. When the Justice Department had to approve congressional districts. Now it's all up in the air. Nothing wrong with fixing that.

And you may not be familiar but NC is one of the biggest and the worst.