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osouless Whats Next
11/07/17 9:48 am

The right kne is funnier, but the left is better for a profile photo

ctskapski x
11/07/17 9:15 am

Your avatar -might- be paler than I am. And I'm pretty pale.

Luftwaff South of Heaven
11/07/17 5:43 am

American woman 2017. How our country has fallen...

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
11/07/17 6:22 am

SOH's resident saying that means the United States is clearly headed in the right direction.

JennaB Mother
11/07/17 7:49 am

What is wrong with short hair, and masculine clothing?

JennaB Mother
11/07/17 9:47 am

What is wrong with me lufty?

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
11/07/17 9:53 am

Let me answer that for you Jen. You're a female who talks back and who won't fuck him.

That's why.

UserIsBeing ignore. I shall return
11/07/17 2:38 pm

For the record, his odds are pretty poor because there are also plenty of straight women who have no interest in fucking a “right wing gym bro” (excuse me while I gag). And that’s before they even find out about the Nazism.

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
11/07/17 10:07 pm

We knew that, omniku. The only way he's ever going to get laid is either through finally coming out of the closet, or a lebensborn program. Nazism and this brand toxic masculinity has left him with as much sexual charisma as a Toddler's funeral.

JennaB Mother
11/08/17 2:04 pm


Come on what is wrong with modern women? What is wrong with short hair, sweater vests, button up shirts, blazers, ties and pants?

Luftwaff South of Heaven
11/09/17 5:33 am

Lmao, you guys have anything to do better than talk about my sex life. Also, I'll pass on the women with short hair who wear masculine clothing. I think you pretty much answered your own question. I'm not going take advice from a gay man and lesbian about what straight women look for. You're honestly a retard if you think masculinity turns off women.

Also, "Right Wing Gym Bro" is to mock a Vice article which tried to demonize men who go to the gym.

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
11/09/17 8:09 am

See? Sexual Charisma of a Toddler's Funeral.

Ahem. I don't know about Omniku, Luffy, but I'm Bi.

JennaB Mother
11/09/17 12:08 pm

What's wrong with short hair and masculine clothes lufty?

Luftwaff South of Heaven
11/09/17 7:15 pm

You take dicks in your ass, you're gay. Fuck off with your Bi shit, you're not fooling anyone. I bet I've even gotten more women than you and Jenny combined, so Fuck off with your sexual chramisa shit. This is SoH, my job is to debate politics and social issues, not seduce people.

Also, I want women who are feminine not some lesbian with short hair that dresses like an emo teenage boy.

The women I've gone out with were feminine and traditional.

Luftwaff South of Heaven
11/09/17 7:18 pm

I guarantee more women want a physically fit masculine man, than a Bi sexual Monarchist hedonistic drunk who takes black dicks in his ass. I'll take the toxic masculinity insult over the embarrassment you are.

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
11/09/17 7:21 pm

Ooh, triggered. You've not lived until you get in the ass and pussy all at once.

Most delicious sandwich on earth, babe.

JennaB Mother
11/09/17 7:27 pm

If you have to brag about how many women you have slept with chances are I can count them on one hand.

There is nothing wrong with short hair and personally I find short hair better looking on people. Then again I'm gay so my opinion doesn't count. As far as my dress it's punk not emo uhhhg get it right Mom.

But on a serious note I don't see anything wrong with a grown woman wearing womens button up shirts, ties, pants, band shirts, etc....

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
11/09/17 7:29 pm

On one hand? Those 'women' are his hand.

Luftwaff South of Heaven
11/09/17 7:57 pm

I'd rather take my hand than that sandwich, Lmao.

I'm not trying to brag, I just find it hilarious when you people try and say I can't find anyone who fits my standards when I've found 6 in the past couple months. I think I might even settle with one of them if I get my career set. The woman I've got makes a delicious sandwich for me, not a disgusting one like Prince described. Also, she doesn't dress like a teenage boy either, Lmao.

JennaB Mother
11/10/17 9:36 am

6 girls in 2 months. Why don't they stay lufty, maybe it's because you're a right wing gym bro Nazi fuckbag. Now that you found someone who clearly isn't attractive you have to settle with her. Want to know how she's clearly unattractive? The fact that you have to settle for her. That also tells me that you're desprate. You should not have to settle for someone. You should be with someone you love and who you can realistically get. You clearly have too high if standards if you have to settle in someone.

Also a woman is not there to make you fucking sandwiches. Go be a big boy and make them yourself. As for prince there is nothing wrong with gay sex and yes prince is bisexual. If you enjoy sleeping with women and you enjoy sleeping with men you're bi.

I don't understand how I dress like a teenage boy. I don't see many teenage boys but I sure as fuck don't think they're walking around in button up WOMEN'S shirts, women's pants, or sweaters. Maybe band t-shirts and flannels but...

JennaB Mother
11/10/17 9:37 am t-shirts and flannels are unisex. Just because I don't wear dresses often does not give me the wardrobe of a teenage boy.

I don't see anything wrong with my short hair. Mind elaborating.

Luftwaff South of Heaven
11/10/17 4:47 pm

I only read two sentences of that. I still have contact with all 6 and regularly talk to them. I keep my options open, and can go out with any of them on the spot, I'm just not going to make that commitment til I'm certain I get what I want, which I believe I did. Nice ass, great cooking, and 100% mine.

JennaB Mother
11/10/17 10:00 pm

I'm sure 🙄

Hey lufty you never answered my question. What is wrong with short hair. Maybe you should read a little more. It's good for you.

Luftwaff South of Heaven
11/11/17 3:02 am

I read every morning. Short hair is for men and older women, period. It looks terrible and is not attractive.