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Show Of Hands November 7th, 2017 5:18am

Without delving into policy specifics, would you be particularly happy to see a female president in the next ten years?

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DanielLucas California Republican
11/16/17 1:30 pm

Who cares if they are a woman or man?

MSUSpartan92 North Carolina
11/13/17 8:05 pm

It should always be about the best person for the job. Race, gender, color, religion should not matter. Who can lead the USA the best.

smoothboy1982 Lexington Ky
11/12/17 6:15 pm

To be honest we may be a better country or not. At the end of the day he or she is in the pockets of the 1%

11/12/17 5:34 pm

I am all for a qualified candidate regardless of their sex. I am totally opposed to electing anyone because “it’s their time,” God help us if that’s how we select candidates for any position. It is detrimental and short-sighted.

JamesMaxwell Arizona
11/10/17 2:14 pm

I would be neither happy or unhappy. Let’s just stayed focused on getting the right person.

mpurple oh no. trump won.
11/10/17 2:14 pm

I’d be very happy if the next prez was female. It will show the world that we value women as much as we value men.

11/09/17 6:11 pm

I wouldn’t be more happy than if we had a male, I don’t think sex should really matter.

njf Ashburnham
11/09/17 3:15 am

Just as long as it is not a retard

runningman02 New York
11/08/17 7:25 pm

No. I would be happy to see a good president in the next 10 years. If it happens to be female so be it. If it happens to be male so be it. I would just like another great president

wolfsong Full time animal lover
11/08/17 3:37 pm

It would be nice, but it does t particularly matter to me.

11/08/17 12:29 pm

This is just like the abortion issue for me. I could care less about it. I think it would be fine for us to have a female president, but it's not like I would be exited when it happens

CrimsonEagle And...
11/08/17 10:40 am

Not particularly happy or sad. I just want the wisest and most capable candidate elected.

Donaldo lets go brenden
11/08/17 9:33 am

I really don't care about that stuff. But it would interesting. The first time for everything is usually interesting.

11/08/17 6:49 am

Whoever is the best candidate. Doesn’t matter race, gender, age, etc ...

ShakaBrah California
11/07/17 10:15 pm

I'm not saying that women aren't capable of becoming president, but no. I don't care if it's a f*cking lesbian, I just want a good F*cking president.

Amaranth Iowa
11/07/17 10:00 pm

No. Policy matters, not gender.

11/07/17 8:55 pm

The question asked not to delve into policy, so by saying you don’t care about the gender as long as they do a good job is very much missing the point of the question.

Alcerus fascist
11/07/17 7:58 pm

I don't care what somebody looks like or what they say, what matters is what they do. Would she have policies that I like or dislike?

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
11/07/17 7:22 pm

I really just don’t give a shit

cjrocks9102 New York
11/07/17 6:50 pm

Who the hell cares about the president’s genitals? I just want someone who’ll do a good job.

11/07/17 6:42 pm

I’d take a Margaret Thatcher any day. I wish one would run with good policies. I don’t give a damn what kind of pee pee someone has.

Haleakala Tradewinds
11/07/17 6:40 pm

The tide has begun to turn! It will build into an overwhelming swell that will completely inundate and take down the GOP. No DJT, elections tonight we're not rigged. They are a mandate against you and cronies! Bye, bye!

11/07/17 6:53 pm

I disagree. Kim was bound to lose. Chis was a little too shady. He was basically a Democrat anyway. And as for the other race. Fear mongering on both sides one was bound to out due the other. 2s hardly the pickmeup the democrat party needed.

Haleakala Tradewinds
11/07/17 7:00 pm

Yeah, yeah, deny and deflect! It's the only sane way to try and deal with reality. Right?

11/08/17 9:15 am

Ya one won high speed. Don’t break your arm just yet

PepsiGuy Gave up Pepsi for Lent
11/07/17 6:10 pm

It only took Ireland relatively 70 years to elect one. It’s taken well over 200 for us. Why?

11/07/17 6:39 pm

Because none have ran that can win

11/07/17 8:09 pm

They could not even vote until 1920s or whatever, so that might be related

otisfuzz Georgia
11/07/17 6:00 pm

I'd like to see a female president since we've never had one. Obviously everyone wants a good president but we're long overdue for a female president. Even Pakistan elected a female president.

11/07/17 5:30 pm

Couldn’t possibly care less if it’s a man, woman, or talking ape. What platform are they running on and what is the vision?

ComradeJames nationalism
11/07/17 5:18 pm

I don't care who's dropping the bombs, only that they're brought to justice and executed for war crimes.

Waterguy Texas
11/07/17 5:16 pm

Not particularly. A good president is a good president, and I’d be particularly pleased if we could have one of those in office within the next ten years.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
11/07/17 3:54 pm

Why am I not surprise Republicans and Libertarians have majorities saying no?

Waterguy Texas
11/07/17 5:17 pm

Probably because they care about doing a good job as opposed to being politically correct?

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
11/07/17 7:44 pm

Yet another likely conservative using “political correctness” as a shield for odious beliefs.

ladyniner81 people suck
11/08/17 2:51 pm

I'd think they would have wanted Hillary Clinton, since they can't stop talking about her.

Henry123 Connecticut
11/07/17 2:48 pm

It does not matter what the gender of a president is...

Macmurphy38 Alabama
11/07/17 7:28 pm

Ima put my gender in ur mouth

11/09/17 10:11 pm

We don’t quite know yet though, do we?

11/07/17 2:00 pm

I think it would be great if she was black too, anything but orange! 🤗

AndyL Canada
11/07/17 1:24 pm


CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
11/07/17 1:15 pm

Genitalia don’t even crack the top 100 things I care about when looking at a president. Obviously I’m in the minority though

ComradeJames nationalism
11/07/17 5:17 pm

Alright, prove it. Name a female politician you've supported.

Macmurphy38 Alabama
11/07/17 7:30 pm

All that dude cares about is coffee

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
11/08/17 9:42 am

First of all, that doesn’t prove anything

Second of all, I have not voted for any female presidential candidates. I have voted for local female politicians. Not going to name them as that gives away my location

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
11/08/17 9:42 am

And yes, I would vote for coffee if it ran

bonemouth lost in the wilderness
11/07/17 12:50 pm

In the natural course of things we will have a female president. And I would gladly vote for her if she was the most qualified person I found. But I would not vote for her because she was a female.

Haleakala Tradewinds
11/07/17 12:45 pm

Forget gender! It's all about morals, ethics, compassion, leadership, experience and intelligence. The current office holder strikes out completely on every one of these qualities.

JudicialJedi321 2000 Mules
11/07/17 12:03 pm

Don't care about the genitalia of my president, it's policy that matters.

PeopleAreDumb Nursing School
11/07/17 11:54 am

I’d be happy to see a GOOD president in the next 10 years, regardless of gender.

11/07/17 11:40 am

I hate that I had to vote before I could comment because this is a question not worth asking or answering. Best person for the job gets the vote regardless, end of story.

11/07/17 11:29 am

I don’t care if it’s a female, a Muslim, a homosexual, a demiqueer transgender, whatever... what matters is their character, and their ideas for policy changes

11/07/17 11:44 am

Plus track record, donors, affiliations, etc, but I agree

granite99 NC
11/07/17 11:23 am

The answer was and still is no

JointOps07 North Carolina
11/07/17 11:18 am

Particularly happy? Probably not, but if so good for them!

soflasooner Ft. Lauderdale
11/07/17 11:11 am

As long as they are qualified, I don’t care what they are.

rambo088 kansas
11/07/17 10:52 am

I wouldn't give a shìt

11/07/17 10:07 am

Wouldnt really care. As long as they are capeable.

11/07/17 9:42 am

Cool if it happens but policy trumps everything else

Ronto God Bless America
11/07/17 9:36 am

I don't give a rats ass if they're black, white, male, female, or if they identify as a goddamn attack helicopter, if I think they'll be better at the job than the other guy I'll be happy about it.

Although that might rule out the helicopter.

nkay666 San Diego
11/07/17 9:30 am

No, and I’m female. I think if a female were elected she’d have so much to prove that she could be very dangerous.

11/07/17 10:16 am

Wow thats saying a lot about our society considering other major western countries have had female prime ministers for a long time

rambo088 kansas
11/07/17 10:54 am

They aren't running the greatest nation in the world. Merkel or may aren't ones to brag about either

11/07/17 1:56 pm

I was thinking Thatcher but either way those countries have significant world influence and their citizens voted females in.