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jarod November 7th, 2017 2:27am

If you were to purchase a brand new car, would you buy a typical gas powered car, or a hybrid/electric car?

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LadyA Earth Explorer
11/08/17 7:21 am

I would love if my Durango came as a hybrid (this exact model and year).

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/07/17 8:49 pm

Definitely electric. Last year we bought a a Chevy Volt which is a hybrid that has 53 electric miles before switching to gas. So far its been 14 months and we still haven’t used up a whole tank of gas. It’s super quiet and zippy in traffic.

jarod California
11/07/17 8:55 pm

One of my teachers has that car. It's funny, he used the adjective "zippy" to describe it as well lol

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/07/17 9:55 pm

Zippy makes sense. Meaning really quick at low speeds. These cars are go from 0 to 30 in 2.2 seconds. Then, still good, but not so much. It takes 7.1 sec to reach 60.

Jazzy5 USA
11/07/17 7:01 am

Had a hybrid. They do not haul a trailer.

FarmerManE djent
11/07/17 6:04 am

Im gonna be commuting about an hour a day when I get out of college. I may start thinking about hybrid

11/07/17 5:32 am

Hard to say since I recently bought two new cars, one of each.

Liberty 4,032,064
11/07/17 4:47 am

Gas. I like the fundamentals or potential of electric-powered cars better, but there hasn’t yet been a useful or practical implementation.

ARMinarchist Arkansas
11/07/17 2:26 am

But I would never buy a new vehicle

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
11/06/17 10:22 pm

Not many hybrid/electric full sized trucks on the market.

LibertyLover Utah
11/06/17 9:38 pm

If money was no object I’d buy a Tesla model X.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/06/17 8:58 pm

We’ve had a couple hybrids, they were both great. We are hoping our next car will be full electric. We are eyeballing the next gen Leaf. It’s supposed to have a 150 mile range.

sea California
11/06/17 8:54 pm

I’ll take the hybrid. Electrics are not quite ready yet.

11/06/17 8:26 pm

I have a reservation for a Tesla Model 3

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/06/17 9:07 pm

me too but might buy an S instead of waiting

11/07/17 7:57 pm

It’s not so bad, I got my reservation the first day, figure I must be #100,000(ish) or so. At the current prod rate if 120/month, I only have 69 years to wait...😀

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/07/17 8:09 pm

haha - my delivery is slated as late 2018 but with the delays i expect that to slip. I’d want the AWD version and they aren’t scheduled to start producing until the middle of next year.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
11/06/17 7:58 pm

My diesel has a 650 mile range at 30 mpg.
I drive an average of 250 miles per day.


sea California
11/06/17 8:52 pm

That’s a lot of driving

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
11/06/17 8:55 pm

Yes. It’s way too much.

Gas milage matters.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
11/07/17 8:03 pm

I️ also haul a lot of stuff. I️ could use a bigger vehicle but the Jeep gets me by.

11/10/17 10:24 am

I have a VW Passat TDI, and Audi Q7 TDI. Passat gets amazing mpg for a full sized vehicle (30/42 town/hwy). My wife likes the SUV

jakecrs905 New York, NY
11/06/17 7:46 pm

Depends on the deal I get. I never complain about higher fuel economy but the price must be right. I love my current truck it's over 3 tons and I consistently get over 20mpg because it's a hybrid. A tank of gas usually lasts me around 2 weeks.

Praetorianus In the uncanny valley
11/06/17 7:36 pm

Electric, I forgot the brand but one claims to have a near 300 mile range and charge 90 miles range per hour.
That is finally competitive.

jarod California
11/06/17 7:41 pm

I agree. Electric cars are the future and their ranges are only getting better.

jakecrs905 New York, NY
11/06/17 7:47 pm


sea California
11/06/17 8:53 pm

I thought the range was 230?

Praetorianus In the uncanny valley
11/06/17 9:41 pm

I looked it up: 238.

jarod California
11/06/17 7:27 pm

Inspired by a conversation I had today.