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xtarite November 7th, 2017 1:11am

Do you consider yourself to be politically polarized?

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Mackinaw Wolverine State, est.1837
11/07/17 3:07 am

In the terms of authoritarian vs libertarian, yes (for liberty). But in terms of left vs right, no, I am not.

gluxford1 Arizona
11/06/17 9:15 pm

No, I'm pretty solidly on the right.

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
11/06/17 10:17 pm

Isn't that what polarized means?

gluxford1 Arizona
11/06/17 10:38 pm

Oops. I might've read the question wrong. I thought it meant you hold views that sometimes polarize each other or contradict the typical viewpoints of one's own ideology.

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
11/06/17 10:47 pm

Ah, I can see how you got that interpretation. Not sure.