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snagglepuss November 6th, 2017 9:32pm

Would you feel more comfortable if more people carried guns?

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ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
11/08/17 1:07 pm

As insane as some people are? Oh noooo.

crazyjane New Jersey
11/06/17 7:53 pm

No. Less comfortable. It’s such a powerful weapon

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/06/17 4:57 pm

There are currently no real barriers, for most, to legal gun ownership and/or legal carry, so working from the theory that everyone who *should* carry a gun already does, I'm going to guess no.

11/06/17 3:55 pm

I would feel less comfortable.

bower8899 ...
11/06/17 3:43 pm

Much the opposite.

abusara i drink and i know things
11/06/17 3:12 pm

I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
- Clint Eastwood

I'm with Clint.

11/06/17 2:44 pm

The country is full of addicted, mentally ill people. So, let's give them all a gun. Sure, that makes perfect sense. Are there any sane people left in America?

snagglepuss Story Time
11/06/17 3:04 pm

I’m sane. 😺

snagglepuss Story Time
11/06/17 2:41 pm

I wouldn’t

snagglepuss Story Time
11/06/17 3:06 pm

If more people are armed it makes it more dangerous for police. How are they going to protect people when they don’t know the perps from the innocent?

Not everyone is trained in stressful situations to handle a gun. Therefore it makes a bad situation worse.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
11/06/17 3:14 pm

I don't believe having a gun or not having a gun makes you a criminal or a victim.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
11/06/17 3:30 pm

Might not just be you I have a tendency to not make sense.

Basically I don't see how having a gun confuses a cop.

snagglepuss Story Time
11/06/17 3:51 pm

In a state of chaos such as a mass shooting, you don’t see that challenging for police? First responders?

snagglepuss Story Time
11/06/17 9:15 pm

I guess you haven’t experienced chaos and had your life threatened.

snagglepuss Story Time
11/07/17 3:17 pm

You still don’t understand what it’s like for police and EMTs.