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TheSpookyGhost November 6th, 2017 7:54pm

Is free trade good for the United States?

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gluxford1 Arizona
11/06/17 10:46 pm

Not the way it's been practiced as of late.

11/06/17 3:31 pm

Yes, if it goes both ways

11/06/17 3:22 pm

Yes, as long as it is fair free trade.

lendluke iowa
11/06/17 6:21 pm

If the trade is truly free, then it will always be fair.

jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
11/07/17 4:51 am

If the trade is truly free, then it will more than likely be unfair.

11/06/17 4:21 pm

Somebody failed Econ 101

lendluke iowa
11/06/17 6:23 pm

Trade always make people better off. It is one of the main principles of economics. No one will choose to trade of it doesn't make them better off and it allows everyone to be more productive through specialization.

11/06/17 6:45 pm

Unless it a shittt law hiding behind a name to make it look good cite NAFTA