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pof November 6th, 2017 7:34pm

Do you believe the advertisement portraying Republicans and Trump as wanting to murder Latinos, Asians, and Muslims produced by a Latino interest group has helped or hurt their cause?

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11/06/17 6:47 pm

People are very impressionable. I think it helped them. The left is always getting away with bullshittt like this. Nothings going to change that now.

mac238 Ohio
11/06/17 4:21 pm

God not fake news but you're question is very interesting and to the question I say true

Ebola1 Florida
11/06/17 1:12 pm

Hurt them greatly.

ovcourse Proud Transphobe, CA
11/06/17 12:55 pm

It certainly didn’t help their cause with my Asian, conservative wife.

rons Thanks America
11/06/17 2:31 pm

And it’s right after a muslim mowed down people in a rental truck in NYC. The optics were disgusting with that ad.