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LiberLion4 November 6th, 2017 6:08pm

A twitter employee deleted President Trump's twitter account for a short period before being restored.

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/06/17 7:09 pm

Best last day ever! A national hero, if only for a few minutes.

11/06/17 6:10 pm

The fact that this can happen is troubling

Laserbeam Back soon
11/06/17 4:55 pm

This user is currently being ignored

TreeHair Wisconsin
11/06/17 3:46 pm

Disapprove, but it’s still pretty funny.

11/06/17 3:39 pm

Former twitter employee who had been terminated at the time

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
11/06/17 2:32 pm

What concerns the fact that this person has this much control on accounts..what happened he/she decided to post something on his (the Presidents) twitter..that could directly effect the security of our country..and cause a nuclear war..or outright massive panic in the streets..that could be an ugly outcome..

golfer golfing
11/06/17 6:01 pm

Perhaps twitter isn’t the best place to make policy announcements 👀

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
11/06/17 6:11 pm

How would you feel if it were Obama or Clinton as President? and some rogue employee who doesn't like them..took it upon them self to highjack their account..and say or do anything with it..or if it were your own twitter account? It's a violation of your rights..true I agree Trump should zip 🤐 his lip and stay off Twitter..but he's not taking my advice these days..

golfer golfing
11/06/17 6:21 pm

Of course it’s wrong for that employee to have done that (personally I think Twitter should officially ban trump and get it over with), but that’s not my point. Trump is putting our national security at risk by using a social media platform to conduct presidential business. Obama did not do that, and don’t think Hillary Clinton would have been stupid enough to do that either.

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
11/06/17 6:28 pm

Clinton and Obama were stupid for doing other things..they are ALL stupid in my opinion..but like I said before none of them took my advice..

11/06/17 2:09 pm

Anyone who said they approve of this action is anti first amendment witch means they are against the constitution and America.get recked democrats

dale41 Putting the FU in fun
11/06/17 3:17 pm

not true at all. the 1st admendment doesn't protect you from businesses.

and, is it known if any if there terms and conditions were disobeyed in this post and that's why it was temporarily taken down?

11/06/17 12:07 pm

So why do liberals support this

11/06/17 2:10 pm

Because they are all either communist,anarchist feminist,racist,anti free speech or all of the above

11/06/17 3:05 pm

What liberals support this? True liberals don’t supports this.

11/06/17 3:41 pm

Dude, I'm left-leaning, but that's a blatant no-true-Scotsman fallacy there. You can't just define "true liberals" by your own standards of what a liberal should be.

11/06/17 4:19 pm

It’s not my definition.

11/06/17 4:20 pm

Classical liberalism if you will and I’m neither.