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oogama November 6th, 2017 4:34pm

Is atheism a religion in its own right?

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11/06/17 2:51 pm

It can seem pretty dogmatic at times if you ask me

11/06/17 2:11 pm

The legit definition of being atheist is having no belief in relgion

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
11/06/17 10:58 am

No. It’s only a response to a belief in a god.

Kamden popular revolt
11/06/17 10:57 am

I think New Atheism has a religiousity to it. It includes tenants of the religion of Feminism and demands believers be proven wrong and convinced of their wrong-doing.

Hogoke Constitution
11/06/17 11:32 am

I'm an atheist and I like to have debates over religion, its just interesting to me.

Also just because you're atheist doesn't mean you're a feminist, yes many feminists are atheists but that's because they're communists. All communists are atheists, but not all atheists are communist. Personally I feel like the Christian morals are good foundations for the free world, I just don't believe in their god.

Kamden popular revolt
11/06/17 11:34 am

I'm the same way, although I'm more of an agnostic theist. I'm referring only to "New Atheism" or "Atheism+" as it's known.

susanr Colorado
11/06/17 10:51 am

No. It is not a belief in the existence of a superhuman controlling power. It is simply the belief that no such power exists.

ishady 86451132020
11/06/17 10:07 am

Is “off” a tv channel? Is “ bald “ a hair color?

ishady 86451132020
11/06/17 10:09 am

Is “ barefoot” a type of shoe?
Is “ unemployed” a job?
Is “ healthy” a disease?

BadSeed Oregon
11/06/17 9:47 am

It's the absence of religion

Alcerus fascist
11/06/17 10:00 am

That's agnosticism. Atheism is "I believe there is no God"; agnosticism is "I do not think about, or practice religion at all"

Kamden popular revolt
11/06/17 10:55 am

Not really Agnosticism is admission of ignorance. You can be an agnostic atheist (i.e. I don't believe but I can't prove it in any real way) or an agnostic theist (I do believe but there is no way to prove it exists).
The opposite is gnosticism, believing what you believe is proveable.

krayzewolf New Hampshire
11/06/17 9:46 am

Atheism is a religion like Off being a TV station.