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bush08 November 6th, 2017 3:37pm

Should the president be elected by popular vote or the electoral college?

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11/07/17 8:15 am

Ehh we just need better candidates, both candidates were fucking twats this time. Fuck trump and fuck clinton.

11/06/17 12:14 pm

Trump won the popular vote in all the states he won. It's just because states like California have so many people that they could cancel out allot of votes.

Alcerus fascist
11/06/17 10:10 am

Can somebody please explain to me why they think popular vote is a good idea? Any reason other than "I live in a big city and I want everything I ask for handed to me by the government".

11/06/17 7:02 pm

Because they want the W. No matter the cost.