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mac238 November 6th, 2017 3:22pm

Do you feel the I agree with page is flawed or not

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susanr Colorado
11/06/17 11:14 am

I don't know what you mean by "flawed," but I'm aware that currently the *Individual* "I Agree With" section is screwed up. My "top 10" list has been the same for the last 5 days at least (probably longer; that's just when it was brought to my attention) and *all* of the agreement percentages there are 0.0.

That seems to be because the agreement score calculator is broken currently. If I look at the profile of *any* user (with a public profile) their agreement with me is 0%. Many users have been seeing the same thing. One user was seeing 100%.

If you look at your Politicians page, that's probably blank. That's not directly related, but may indicate some wider problem.

This has been reported to SOH. They haven't responded.


mac238 Ohio
11/06/17 4:31 pm

It's basically tells me I agree with black liberal atheists but it's constantly changing

susanr Colorado
11/06/17 4:38 pm

Oh, that part. That's the Group agreement.

Mine most often says I agree most with black female atheist web users.

I think a good part of the problem is that, at least for the groups that don't seem quite right for us (I'm not black, and sometimes I agree most with Hindus, and why the heck web users?), those groups are *small* here on SOH, and they *may* tend to vote fairly similarly (within themselves). Even if they don't vote similarly, because they're *small*, they have a small range of their votes, however SOH counts them. (And be aware that SOH counts *only* the SOH political polls for this purpose, not even all the SOH polls in general - they tried counting *all* the SOH polls and there was just too much breadth to the scores; they couldn't pin down any real "agreement").

So for some of us, at least, the average of our votes (again, however SOH scores them) is going to match that of those minority groups.


susanr Colorado
11/06/17 4:42 pm

That's the best that I can explain it. It's never made perfect sense to me. And I've never heard anyone at SOH try to explain it - especially @Tony, who really is the only one that I would feel has a good grasp of what it might mean.

Personally I don't pay a lot of attention to the Group agreement scores, mostly for that reason. And now the Individual scores are just broken...

I don't really understand why the Group scores aren't equally broken (that is, stuck on the same numbers as last week and the weeks before that, and going eventually to all 100s & 0s) but maybe that will happen soon too.


mac238 Ohio
11/06/17 6:49 pm

Part of the problem are some of the questions show sort of a bias