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zimmy November 6th, 2017 12:03pm

For the first time in my life, I actually fear for the future of the country, do you?

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Luftwaffe South of Heaven
11/06/17 5:46 pm

I mean, it's been downhill since the 1960s, I'm surprised you're now catching on.

Hogoke Constitution
11/06/17 11:14 am

These ANTIFA aren't even scary. They're cowards who want power and that's how they should be identified.

emraldYE Lancaster County, PA
11/06/17 10:06 am

I forget what caused it, but a couple years ago I actually cried in fear.

mitchman399 Oregon
11/06/17 9:31 am

All empires eventually fall.

Jazzy5 USA
11/06/17 7:27 am

If you are paying attention: this nation dodge a bullet not electing Hillary!
The American tax paying worker
Was under seize. Our constitution was use only when convenient.
Otherwise, it was trashed.
You may not like Trump, but he is trying to give us this country back!

11/06/17 9:34 am

And we dodged a bullet living through Obama’s regime, although it will take us years to undo his disastrous activities.

Maat wisdom listens
11/12/17 2:26 pm

Dodged a bullet for treason and nuclear war

mcable Lost in Translation
11/06/17 6:52 am

Not for the first time, but yes, I am worried.

11/06/17 6:17 am

That happened to me when Obamacare passed

abusara i drink and i know things
11/06/17 6:09 am

Since the last election, yeah. We were given two shitty choices, and made one.

11/06/17 6:07 am

No, Obama is gone, Democrats lost around 1000 seats across the country, and Hillary lost the election. Things are getting better.

zimmy Florida
11/06/17 6:31 am


11/06/17 9:35 am

Yes Zimmy, better. But no thanks to people like you.

11/06/17 9:37 am

Actually that was being kind

Ebola1 Florida
11/06/17 5:34 am

No. We’ve seen much worse times.