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ScenarioNations November 6th, 2017 8:00am

2092: BuildersUSA is an American infrastructure company that wished to build various projects worldwide and hires private security. They wish to remove government oversight in Venezuela due to too many regulations and seize the land. Do they succeed?

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ScenarioNations California
11/06/17 1:05 am

Background: the American Federation is the government that controls Venezuela. Builders USA asked that government permission to use Venezuelan oil fields and various land to build structures worldwide and colonial infrastructure in places like the moon. It buys private security as well. The local allowed the Builders to use the land but after the AF wouldn't respond to the Builders, the Builders wish to seize control of the land and thus the oil fields there. The AF hasn't sent back up yet. If this poll decides "yes", Builders USA will seize and control a chunk of land in Venezuela. If the poll decides "no", the AF will remain dominant and put down corporate advances.