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JennaB November 6th, 2017 6:58am

Do you wear clothing marketed towards the opposite gender?

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aj1545 Cat Lady
11/06/17 12:14 pm

Im usually pretty femme but there are exceptions. I love comfy mens tshirts, its nice to not have clothes cling to my skin. I also buy mens winter stuff and flannels sometimes, its just much warmer and more well constructed. Mens socks too since I dont have smapp feet and they dont shrink so much.

11/06/17 11:42 am

I have bought men's sweatshirts and sweatpants before because I wanted them to be a little roomier to wear to stay warm in the winter around the house. Otherwise, not really.

phalnx Ohio
11/06/17 11:04 am

?? I wore a kilt to my sister's wedding once, but that's as far as it went.

We stopped in a bar afterwards, and the guys all tried to look up my skirt :D

emraldYE Lancaster County, PA
11/06/17 10:09 am

Men avoid everything female. They believe they're too good for it.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/06/17 8:18 am

Not really. Sometimes I sleep in oversized T-shirts that are unisex, but a lot of my clothes now come from my store. I have to dress to advertise our clothes and stay on top of trends.

11/06/17 7:08 am

I have big feet so I often buy men’s socks.

aj1545 Cat Lady
11/06/17 12:15 pm

Saame, back when I lived with my ex we shared socks lol. Mens work better on my long feet lol

DrCarpenter Ann Arbor
11/06/17 7:00 am

I'll occasionally sleep in my boyfriend's flannel shirt, but that's it.

BrokenMirror free speech
11/06/17 6:58 am

Not really. Not quite my personal style. Plus, if my weight loss plan goes well, I won't have my boobs long enough to need a bra for them.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
11/06/17 6:56 am

I wouldn’t look good in a dress

Donaldo lets go brenden
11/06/17 6:53 am

If I wanted to, it'd be tough. I'm a foot and a half taller than most women I know.

jlong105 Indiana
11/06/17 5:58 am

Not a surprise only women do. Male clothing is made more for comfort than style. Female clothing is for style over comfort.

I know these are generalizations and there are exceptions, but overall this is true.

bower8899 ...
11/06/17 7:18 am

As somebody who has worn both I find female clothing to be more comfortable.

The reason men don't is because men wearing skirts and stuff isn't socially acceptable

jztheman Connecticut
11/06/17 7:31 am

Kilts my friend.

jlong105 Indiana
11/06/17 9:47 am

I was just basing my answer on my personal observations. My wife and daughter always complain about shoes, shirts, bras, and pants being uncomfortable.

I have known some soldiers who wore women’s underwear to the field because they say it chafes less. Not sure if I buy that or not, but I’ve never had a problem with chafing that gold bond didn’t take care of.

aj1545 Cat Lady
11/06/17 12:17 pm

I think youre right jlong. The mens stuff I own is cuz womens stuff tends to be climgy and more shrink sensitive. Mens stuff is warmer and we have brutal winters here, plus if I wear mens tshirts I can get away with going braless without the exact form of my nips showing lol

Finny Conservative Lesbian
11/06/17 5:03 am

Yeah. Since I've been weight lifting women's button downs don't fit me in the arms and shoulders so I have to go to men's now. Though, I used to wear women's. I don't think it's much of a difference. However since switching I prefer the styles much more. Men's clothing is much more simple and practical as opposed to me spending hours searching through women's to find clothing that doesn't having some wacky useless weird design. I dress in mostly button downs, watches, men's dress shoes, sometimes I wear sweaters or quarter dips over them. Still, some people are surprised I'm not straight or say I don't dress masculine, maybe it's because of my figure and face/hair. I don't know, maybe my clothing choices aren't as noticeable.


cowboy Proud Father
11/06/17 3:44 am

No because I’m not insane.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
11/06/17 3:29 am

I can't even fit into normal men's clothing, I'm too tall. There's no way I'd fit into any women's clothing, though I wouldn't want to even if I could.

Carcano Matthew 10 34
11/06/17 2:02 am

No, I'm not queer.

bower8899 ...
11/06/17 7:18 am


simpsonsmomma Topeka
11/06/17 12:23 am

I have a man's hockey sweater that is probably my favorite shirt ever and I often steal my husband's hoodies but that is it so far.

JennaB Mother
11/05/17 11:59 pm

A few shirts and a single pair of jeans. The rest of my wardrobe is all feminine or unisex.

Donaldo lets go brenden
11/06/17 6:55 am

Ever try boxers? Don't know any chicks that's tried em but saw a video where a bunch of girls tried and said they're comfortable