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Show Of Hands November 6th, 2017 4:48am

Have you ever personally experienced a natural disaster?

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smoothboy1982 Lexington Ky
11/12/17 6:56 pm

Ice storm shut down my city 2 weeks and no electricity for over a week. This is in a city of 450,000 population

chocoholic You Are Here
11/12/17 2:52 am

Several major earthquakes. 100 year flood. Tropical storm just under hurricane strength. A single stretch of 40 days of downpouring rain. Through it all, I've been most fortunate.

peenmaster New Jersey
11/11/17 5:08 pm

Small earthquake, tornado, Sandy, Irene, blizzards. Ah, NJ

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
11/10/17 5:33 pm

A 500-year flood and had a tornado rip out trees on our acreage and travel over our buildings.

Henry123 Connecticut
11/08/17 3:09 pm

Currently in the safest place in the whole country for natural disasters!

GabeDC rural
11/08/17 11:59 am

Does our current president count as a natural disaster or unnatural due to the Orange hair and fake tan?

Doopy Remedial Americanism
11/08/17 4:22 am

Yes. Several unimpressive ones. Pacific Northwest drought. Flood with salmon swimming across road. 4 inches of snow when the DOT was not expecting snow. An Earthquake that broke a couple things but didn't really do much.

outlaw393 Chaotic Neutral
11/08/17 3:03 am

Yes. Softball sized hail, severe storms, and a 100 year flood a few years back.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
11/07/17 8:17 pm

We have had a number of floods and near misses with tornadoes, but I have not had any serious injury or property damage.

Constitution Dallas, Texas
11/07/17 2:33 pm

I’ve been in a few tornadoes. Not exactly fun, but it’s interesting watching people from up north flipping out over an EF0.

Constitution Dallas, Texas
11/12/17 3:23 pm

The one I saw was an EF0, the one I was in was a high-end EF2.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
11/13/17 9:56 pm

Must have been quite the experience. More exciting than my drought.

Constitution Dallas, Texas
11/15/17 8:53 am

I was at a national convention in Alabama. All the southerners were playing board games, while those from the north and west were flipping out. It was an interesting experience. Wouldn’t exactly recommend it though.

Lakos New England
11/07/17 5:24 am

I don’t know if this is a natural disaster but an ice storm that lasted a little less then 2 weeks in NH. The doors we frozen shut for a couple of days until we were able to force them open or fire had to come and break ice off the everyone’s door

Carcano Matthew 10 34
11/06/17 11:46 pm

I've experienced a hurricane but I wouldn't call it a disaster.

11/06/17 8:39 pm

Ice storm Tulsa Oklahoma..the whole city was under ice for 10 days.

11/06/17 8:16 pm

Hurricane sandy demolished Long Island. We are still picking up the pieces

11/06/17 7:27 pm

Volcano, Mt St. Helen’s

11/06/17 6:33 pm

Hurricane Harvey demolished our house. We lost everything we owned. Still reeling from it. Attempting to rebuild, but boy is it's bitch!!!

Laserbeam Back soon
11/06/17 4:44 pm

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ShakaBrah California
11/06/17 4:14 pm

Tropical storm Darby on Oahu last year.

cpaswr just say the letters
11/06/17 3:18 pm

Earthquake in 2008.

pjn0524 Pacific Northwest
11/06/17 3:09 pm

Sort of? I was working at the Hanford Site in Washington state when the Nisqually earthquake happened on 2/28/2001. My office chair started moving, and the vertical blinds on the window swayed back and forth. It was unnerving!

jd910 Washington
11/07/17 12:21 am

I went through the Nisqually earthquake in downtown Seattle, and the 65 one which was worse. Also the 62 Columbus Day storm.

bnnt Los Angeles
11/06/17 1:24 pm

Earthquakes. Biggest being Northridge and had to move because of damage.

mrscheisskopf2 Kentucky
11/06/17 12:45 pm

I've lived through a not-very-powerful earthquake and a tropical storm. That's as close as I've come to a natural disaster

craftyAg Fraggle Rock
11/06/17 12:03 pm

I don’t count tornadoes under F3 intensity. But I do live one city over from Rowlett, TX, which saw a solid EF4 a few years ago.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
11/06/17 1:26 pm

I remember seeing all the damage while driving over George Bush on Hubbard. The damn tornado went right over the lake. It was apocalyptic shit

11/06/17 10:20 am

Hurricane Donna when I was really little. Several earthquakes of note in California.....those are scary.

11/06/17 10:18 am

No but when my dad was 15 his whole house and farm was completely taken away with a F5 tornado. His parents and 5 siblings all survived under a table in the basement but they lost almost all the animals including 200 rabbits

campow03 NC
11/06/17 9:33 am

My fiancee got braces

Runescape Arizona
11/06/17 8:57 am

I was in Moore Ok during the big one in 2013 ,devastating.

11/06/17 8:55 am

Flash floods all the dam time

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/06/17 8:12 am

I experienced hurricane sandy. I was inside the whole time, but we lost power for nine days after and had to just keep on trucking. Charged our phones in the car, took cold showers, lit the stove with a lighter and waited in line for gas. My mom kept teaching her piano students but had to stop at sunset, and we thought, “THIS is how people lived before modern electricity?🙄” I did spend a few nights at a friend’s house with power, which was nice.

ParaguasPato Columbus GA
11/06/17 8:12 am

Um, I experienced a category 2 hurricane. It didn’t destroy anything, just made a mess of leaves and twigs everywhere. That’s about the closest thing to a natural disaster I’ve ever seen.

IEatzCookies Alderaan
11/06/17 8:06 am

The 2016 election.

(I'm a conservative but I just couldn't resist lol)

ParaguasPato Columbus GA
11/06/17 8:12 am

No, that disaster was definitely man-made.

11/06/17 9:50 am

Hahahaha. So many good comments.

11/06/17 7:32 am

Everybody in Kansas is lying, we call this place Tornado Alley for a reason. You too Oklahoma, don’t try to ignore those earthquakes and ‘nados

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/06/17 6:32 am

More tornadoes that I even care to try to list...& at least one of those did some damage to my home at the time.

ParaguasPato Columbus GA
11/06/17 8:13 am

Were you around for that mile-wide tornado that hit part of Birmingham?

ParaguasPato Columbus GA
11/06/17 8:14 am

I live on the border with Alabama, I was terrified it would come my way.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
11/06/17 8:23 am

I️ wasn’t. I’m from the Huntsville area.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/06/17 6:16 am

Hurricanes Isabel and Irene

swervin Maryland
11/06/17 5:40 am

Plenty of Typhoons and Hurricanes. They make us go out to sea to avoid them and they always end up following the ships. It's a shitshow.

rons Thanks America
11/06/17 5:35 am

Irene and Sandy.