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crazyjane New Jersey
11/05/17 8:43 pm

Not as annoying as questions without question marks...

goof02 Virginia
11/05/17 6:33 pm

Do you find Republicans to be racist?

Both your question and this question contain a major flaw: both groups share similar ideologies but differ greatly in how they share and act upon their ideals. I don’t find all Republicans to be racist, although some are racially insensitive, and I don’t find all feminists to be annoying, although some are notoriously frustrating.

Denk0403 21
11/05/17 5:56 pm

No but I find misogynists annoying

11/05/17 1:11 pm

Course not. Only these repetitive questions about feminists.
Real unique🙄
If you repeat something over and over and over it actually becomes true🤥

mitchman399 Oregon
11/05/17 12:46 pm

Real feminist aren't annoying. The fake feminists who are just part or the outrage culture are.