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DerekWills November 5th, 2017 2:20pm

In comments, I have posted the various links to my podcast. The interview with State Rep Phil King is available to download. To the 30% who said they would listen, please give me some feedback. To everyone else, how are you this beautiful day?

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DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
11/11/17 7:16 pm

King was chairman of the committee last session that tabled Constitution Carry and passed out a bastardized version... but it later died in Calendars. It’s about what happened last session, why he’s seeking the Speaker’s Gavel, and what my goals for CC are next session.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
11/06/17 3:37 pm

I’m currently listening to it. You have a great voice, but I’ve known that from other podcast I’ve listened to of yours.

You brought up some interesting points such as 30.06 law and misdemeanor vs felony which is a part of gun rights people often don’t think of. Enjoying so far, however I think in the instances where you say you disagree, it would make the podcast more interesting to challenge his opinion. I understand it’s an interview, but some debate, or to call him on his opinion would make the podcast more enjoyable to listen too.

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
11/06/17 6:17 pm

I agree. I intentionally held off because Time was rather limited, but I will have him on again in the future. Thanks for the compliments.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
11/06/17 6:49 pm

I heard you mention that at the end after I made the comment. And of course! I’ve had a chance to listen to about five or six so far, I have enjoyed them though. Keep up the good work and the fight for our liberty!

DerekWills Lone Star Gun Rights
11/05/17 7:23 am

You’re looking to “Ep. 17 - INTERVIEW: State Rep. Phil King.” For iTunes, it might be a little funny and only shows 16, until you click “Available Episodes.”