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Donaldo November 5th, 2017 4:06am

When getting fast food at night, and they say "the shake machine is down", do you believe them?

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11/08/17 2:11 pm

Yes they shut down the machines early in order to clean them.

jlong105 Indiana
11/06/17 6:57 am

It is down because they already started cleaning it.

11/05/17 6:17 pm

It’s not real ice cream anyway. I prefer the real deal. Milk, cream, eggs and your flavors mixed in an old fashioned churning style machine with ice and rock salt surrounding the container

Radon Parts Unknown
11/05/17 3:06 pm

I've been in a situation where we went inside and got food. One person got a shake. When we left someone else decided they wanted one too. Swung through the drive through to be told the machine was down. They are liars.

ShakaBrah California
11/05/17 8:26 am

I don't get fast food at night, let aloy get ice cream.

shiculka transvaccinated
11/05/17 6:54 am

I guess. I have never been in a situation like that.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/05/17 6:15 am

They are probably cleaning it

Kyle5 TN
11/05/17 1:52 am

As someone who works at a customer service job, I'd probably assume they just didn't want to deal with that. Where I work we don't, but there are some nights when I really want to.

Kyle5 TN
11/05/17 1:52 am

Customer service job where we make milkshakes*

EarlyBird Portland
11/05/17 7:19 am

What’s so bad about using the milkshake machine?

Kyle5 TN
11/05/17 10:55 am

Just making milkshakes takes a good bit longer and when you want to get your closing done quickly it's a longer delay. Like I said, I don't do it because it is lazy, but I can see where they're coming from

Kyle5 TN
11/05/17 1:38 pm

No problem.

Maat wisdom listens
11/05/17 1:19 am

You would have to go to the same place multiple nights in a row to know if it was real or fake.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
11/05/17 12:06 am

Down because they cleaned it too early!

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/04/17 11:00 pm

Any reason not to? They want to sell, right? 😀

Donaldo lets go brenden
11/04/17 11:07 pm

It's suspicious to me that the machines are ALWAYS down after dark. And at a fast food place, I don't think the employees (most anyway) really care about selling more. They just wanna work, get paid, and go. I may have heard from a former employee that they just don't run it cause they don't want to. May remember that incorrectly, though.
My only question is why would they not want to? Seems super easy to pour some shakes. That's why I'm not sure, either way.
A question that keeps me up at night.

Donaldo lets go brenden
11/04/17 10:53 pm

This may be my best poll yet.