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ScenarioNations November 4th, 2017 10:00pm

2091 N.Ireland Referendum: Northern Ireland is having a referendum to leave Ireland and join the Scottish Kingdom. Scotland claims Ireland is too imperialist, while Ireland says likewise. You're a citizen of North Ireland . What is your vote?

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Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/04/17 3:22 pm

Ireland finally united.
It should stay that way.

ScenarioNations California
11/04/17 3:09 pm

Background: Ireland and Scotland used to both be members of the UK as the UK already contained Scotland and seized Ireland. The UK has fallen into a period of inactivity and division. Ireland now has taken over Northern Ireland (it left with Ireland in the secession) and an English island near the mainland. It recently invaded Wales which was thwarted by UK forces. These are publicly known things. Scotland recently became a fascist nation and reformed into a kingdom. While we don't know if the Irish leader Solomon will attempt to stay in power or have elections, we know the Scotish won't. Scotland has been accused of attacking the Americans with a chemical device, an AF moon base with a chemical bomb, and Sealand with a kamikaze attack. Scotland has denied all of these allegations. Scotland now asks Northern Ireland if it'll join them but how will they respond?

ChrisKillian Iowa
11/04/17 3:03 pm

Solomon > Benny