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Do you make your bed every morning? (UserQ)

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takashi Colorado
04/17/12 7:25 pm

Why the hell would I make my bed when I'm just gonna mess it up again in a few hours

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/13/12 8:42 am

No, but only because my bed is not on display, nor is it a conversation piece. There's a difference between being dirty and being unmade.

04/12/12 2:42 pm

I only make my bed when i have company over, or if im spring cleaning. Why make it if your gonna get back in and mess it up

purpleness Iowa
04/11/12 8:37 pm

@zero34 umm it says you live in Washington. So how exactly are you a "Vermonter"?

purpleness Iowa
04/11/12 8:34 pm

Waste of time. No one ever even sees it!

Xiachella Virginia
04/10/12 10:34 pm

SoH comments are funny.

So I'm thinking that bed making has to do with the feeling of comfort and well being. After a long days work I am welcomed by luxurious bedding, the man of my dreams and a well made bed. Life is good.

Xiachella Virginia
04/10/12 10:25 pm

Wow! I'm the minority? I'm not a neat freak, and I leave clothes on the floor sometimes and dishes on the sink. But something compels me to make my bed in the morning. Idk why.

BadBadger Georgia
04/10/12 9:58 pm

Sometimes I don't get out of bed until the afternoon, so no.

Rio76 Wild West
04/10/12 9:42 pm

why sweep your floor, it's just gonna get dirty again. why put away the groceries, your just going to take them out again.. why comb your hair it's just going to get messy again. I'm surprised how many people are satisfied with disarray in their everyday lives.

PetePuma Oregon
04/10/12 8:52 pm

I live by myself. It is a waste of time. There is no need. I'd rather roll up in the blankets and cozy in, than have them flat anyway. I go to bed to sleep, not fret what it looks like.

04/10/12 8:34 pm

The one time my cousin babysat me, she made me do it. I was very confused and still don't understand it.

Zack100 Tatooine
04/10/12 7:13 pm

Why would you unless someone else is coming? You are just gonna get back in it!

04/10/12 1:30 pm

It's why they always answer oppisite

04/10/12 1:29 pm

And yes, I've been to vermont. You get a feeling like you are sucked into a different dimension the moment you cross the state line. I know this from experience.

04/10/12 1:22 pm

No, I make it about 1 night every 2 weeks.

tsk California
04/10/12 3:45 am

Yes. Maybe once or twice a year I forget. I dont like the messy look and you're gonna have to fix it at night when you go to bed anyways (well I do) so I might as well fix it in the morning so I can jump in bed quicker.

04/09/12 9:03 pm

Hahahaha no. I do not nor do I require my kids to, as long as the room is clean otherwise I do not care. The sheets must be on the bed (to prevent tripping, etc) but I don't care past that. If we expect company yes- I just never understood the desire to pretty up the bed.

04/09/12 8:59 pm

I always make my bed, but 1 day out of the month I might not, or I will make it later in the day! But 99.999% yes

smiley12 California
04/09/12 8:58 pm

These results surprise me! I make my bed every morning without exception. My parents are extremists when it comes to bed-making ;)

04/09/12 8:42 pm

Hum let's see... Miss the bus cuz i made my bed and get grounded for a week or nat make my bed and NOT get grounded for two weeks... I think I'll take the 2nd option

peacenskis Alaska
04/09/12 7:53 pm

Not my whole life. I'm like Linus. I just carry my down comforter all around the house wherever I may nap. Can't remember it being any other way. My bed does have a nice set on it but I just sleep on top of it.

04/09/12 7:48 pm

75% of people say no, but no one comments on it... be proud, fellow non-bedmakers!

04/09/12 7:40 pm

I said yes but it's not "every" morning. More like 90% of the time. It takes two minutes & makes a huge difference how our room looks. Also, we expect our kids to do it so we should too. Hubby & I do it together, which I love.

because South Dakota
04/09/12 7:25 pm

older wiser & richer people make their beds

Bekka Just relaxing...
04/09/12 7:22 pm

I try to, it only takes a few seconds...

But I'm not always successful...

04/09/12 7:17 pm

the "Vermonter" mind set is one of a slower lifestyle where people enjoy life and take pride in their homes, such as always having the beds made! it's called proper living!!!

hvp828 Carolina girl
04/09/12 7:14 pm

I usually do, but I don't make it a priority if I'm needing to get out the door. Whether or not my bed is made will have no effect on how my day goes.

04/09/12 6:53 pm

@truenuff... yes, the bed gets made.

dabrat East Coast
04/09/12 6:44 pm

I deserve getting into a made bed so yes I make it every morning with pillows and all :)

lilipad Tennessee
04/09/12 6:34 pm

Tisk risk what would your mother say?!

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
04/09/12 6:23 pm

The results on this surprise me. I don't make my bed because my dogs just mess it up (plus I'm lazy!) But everyone else always acts like they do. SUCH LIARS!! I love it!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/09/12 6:17 pm

I like that VTrs don't just follow the herd. And I hear the wear flannel, so I'd probably like it there if it wasn't so far south. I'm still not making the bed though.

04/09/12 6:09 pm

No way, huge waste of time

shovelhead someplace with coffee
04/09/12 6:02 pm

"Isn't making the bed like tying your shoes after you take them off?" Jim gaffigan

KudosToYou California
04/09/12 5:58 pm

Vermont is full of liberal minded people.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
04/09/12 5:34 pm

Josh, Vermont is a gorgeous state but I don't get the Vermonter mindset either!

04/09/12 5:04 pm

@Kno But does the bed get made?

04/09/12 4:48 pm

I wake up and off to work before my wife and kids get up. I don't think that my wife would be happy with me making the bed with her in it.

04/09/12 4:28 pm

really? are there that many lazy people??

ladestra Urban Conservative
04/09/12 4:27 pm

does anyone else think Vermont is from another time and dimension? seeing as how they're always way different than the rest of the country.

04/09/12 4:16 pm

I think the bedroom looks inviting with the bed made. I enjoy the room fir relaxing while reading...just serene quiet time. :0)

kdianee Indiana
04/09/12 3:55 pm

But I do have to admit that I iron my sheets.

kdianee Indiana
04/09/12 3:53 pm

This surprised me. I thought I was the only adult that does make their bed everyday! Makes me feel like a rebel!

04/09/12 3:42 pm

Not really I just make sure my dog can't lay on my sheets while I'm a work.

04/09/12 3:19 pm

Wertyio, if you think that's bad check out the flushing with your hand or foot poll, lol!