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As a child, were you placed in an education program for "gifted and talented" students?

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RedneckDriggers Confederacy
03/01/13 4:59 pm

I'm dyslexic
And I'm a redneck

03/01/13 5:56 am

Shocked at how many comments bashing the south. Most cities in the south are no different than anywhere else in the country. There is diversity in almost every aspect, including intelligence. Don't mistake a southern twang for a lack of intelligence. Four of the five people in my household 140+ IQ

03/01/13 5:52 am

Yes, interesting observation. Part of the narcissistic culture.

03/01/13 5:49 am

Curious as to where you lived, as there are plenty of bright children in more urban areas. I have 3 children with 2 being 140+ IQ. Live in area with highest concentration of PhDs in the WORLD.

03/01/13 5:44 am

How stereotypical of you. I guess some could say the same about Michigan.

02/28/13 9:11 pm

Oh yeah, it helps with your GPA though.

02/28/13 8:17 pm

Yes and I love how they put quotation marks around the Special and gifted. Are they talking about the dummy classes or the smart classes because I was in both

02/27/13 7:45 pm

I've been in AIG ( ACADEMICALLY Gifted) program for almost 9 years. What's sad is that over time they've been pushing the curriculums standards lower and lower.

02/27/13 2:25 am

To be fair if you can spell your name, they consider you gifted in the south.

02/26/13 8:42 pm

Well I currently am in advanced honors classes which is above average

02/26/13 7:00 pm

Having been put in a GT program throughout elementary school, I'd have to say AP doesn't really count because anyone is allowed to enrole themselves in AP.

GT programs select students.

02/26/13 6:28 pm

I think many people are misunderstanding the question. Just because you took an honors class doesn't make you "gifted." At least not in my school. There's a very low percentage of students in the gifted program at my school

02/26/13 6:00 pm

That was sarcasm. It is hard to tell over the Internet if people are being sarcastic. But thank you, if I did so I know that somebody out there would love me. Sarcastic, or not.

02/26/13 4:10 pm

When I was in GT, minimum IQ to get in was 125. Most of us were 135 or higher. We took college level science classes in 7th/8th grades, along with higher math and literature. This was in 1982-1984. The mistake was assuming we had advanced emotional maturity - we were still just kids.

catey Pennsylvania
02/26/13 4:03 pm

Yep. I got tested. :) I'd say an IQ level of 140 is gifted enough. Though trust me, I don't show it.

lexia77 Arkansas
02/26/13 9:45 am

I was in GT it wasn't all that hard to get in if you had good grades

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
02/26/13 9:35 am

I was never in a level labeled "gifted & talented" but when I went to 7th grade I tested above grade level so I was in a pre-algebra math class with mostly 8th graders.

02/26/13 9:33 am

Heh, same. We got these theory books because I was 2 years ahead, and then I forgot every math term I knew by the end of the year and bombed the math placement test for jr high. Argued my way out if it though, jumped from 7th to 9th grade math

JelloKyari SoCal
02/26/13 9:17 am

I had my own math group when I was in 6th grade? Just me, and the teacher didn't even have to teach me! I just went through the lessons by myself.

02/26/13 8:14 am

Think of the children!

02/26/13 7:16 am

Really???? 45% were placed in gifted and talented classes? I think 90% of that 45% are full of crap.

EIT Near You
02/26/13 5:03 am

No matter; it advanced my educational level but that doesn't mean it made me any smarter than a person who didn't. Look at Bill Gates and all of these amazing entrepreneurs!

EIT Near You
02/26/13 5:03 am

6. "Advanced Placement" in H.S.
7. Took courses at the local College while in H.S.


EIT Near You
02/26/13 5:03 am

Widely interpretive ...

1. "GATE" in Elementary.
2. Became the "Teacher's Pet".
3. "Honors" Classes in Middle & H.S.
4. Took "College Prep" Courses.
5. Took "College-level" Courses.


02/25/13 10:57 pm

The south is not Gifted... I live there and there's no way that's accurate....

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
02/25/13 10:48 pm

"Gifted" is not merely being placed in advanced classes. "Gifted" is, for example, being assessed as having a 7th grade reading level in 1st grade or consistently scoring in the 99th percentile on standardized tests. The problem today is that many people think they are better than they actually are.

02/25/13 9:57 pm

I remember in elementary when all my friends would be pulled out of class for GT Class and it made me feel stupid. But that was then, I don't know what programs they have in school now. I'm down for AP Classes in high school I guess but GT in elem is kinda snooty

urbangm Southern Gent
02/25/13 9:49 pm

Like most, I see that quite a few people are mistaking "advanced" classes for giftedness. Those are not the same.

Dream Hogwarts
02/25/13 9:47 pm

Yes I was in an all subjects advanced class which was 2 hours a week in 3-5th grade, and have been in Humanities plus all middle school. Don't know what classes I'm taking in high school, but I'm choosing those in the next couple weeks.

urbangm Southern Gent
02/25/13 9:46 pm

Or people can say whatever they want because it's anonymous.

melanieg0914 Texas
02/25/13 9:19 pm

I was told I was "smart" & developed a sense that if I couldn't be "smart" at something I just wouldn't do it. Now I'm a great strategist that can't spell, who never participated in anything outside my "perfection" zone. I think the GT programs were good in theory-not in reality.

melanieg0914 Texas
02/25/13 9:17 pm

I was tested in 2nd grade to start the program in 3rd. it's basically an IQ test. I was pulled out of classes deemed "unnecessary" like spelling & art & music to go to strategy & problem solving mixed grade classes. I too was bored in school & suffered from (teen years) bad life decisions & depressi

1111111 Wayne
02/25/13 8:42 pm

I am excited and a little proud when I do well, though. I guess that's natural.

1111111 Wayne
02/25/13 8:41 pm

It's ok. I know exactly who you're talking about. I don't think that's me, or at least I hope not and try to avoid it.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
02/25/13 8:19 pm

I only point it out on here when I think it's relevant. I especially do it when I have been stereotyped based on my state. If I REALLY wanted to point it out, then I would have made it part of my user name or I would do it in EVERY post, but I don't.

02/25/13 7:58 pm

Lol. U sound like a lib. :)

rebelfury76 No Justice, No Peace
02/25/13 7:26 pm

These should be illegal because all children are exactly the same and each child should be treated as "gifted" because they are all talented in their own way.


02/25/13 7:21 pm

Briefly... Shortly thereafter they realized the err of their ways :-)

02/25/13 7:16 pm

the souths standards for education are extremely low.

TheQuestioner Question Everything.
02/25/13 7:15 pm

Not all public schools are bad.

TheQuestioner Question Everything.
02/25/13 7:14 pm

I was in a gifted program in middle school called advanced math, I got through trigonometry by the end of 8th grade. I also did something called talent development in elementary school, as a fourth grader I got to learn about adding numbers from different base number systems.

Captainbstring Biden is a Clown
02/25/13 7:13 pm

I went to an Arts Magnet School in Philadelphia

TheQuestioner Question Everything.
02/25/13 7:04 pm

I think that the true population proportion is not 50% for all americans because the sample data collected through Show of Hands is largely biased. By this I mean that for a person to take interest and enjoy a polling app largely centered around politics they probably have a higher IQ.

zedd Desert Dweller
02/25/13 7:04 pm

Or, alternatively, there are more gifted programs available now. The other possibility is that the standards for gifted programs have been lowered - sort of akin to grade inflation, which has been documented to have occurred.

02/25/13 6:54 pm

But you always make sure to let us know on here how gifted and well educated you are. I guess anonymity just brings out the know-it-all in you.

02/25/13 6:42 pm

No, but all the popular kids were wether they were smart or not. I was bored in class and didn't see the need to do homework but I aced every test. Nobody saw that as a sign that I needed to be challenged except for my third grade teacher. I wish she could have taught every grade I was in.