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Show Of Hands July 30th, 2011 12:00am

If a terrorist attack or natural disaster took out the entire electric power grid for 90 days, would America maintain peace, or would violent chaos break out?

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gary Minnesota
08/13/11 9:31 am

good people would appear out of nowhere

kitten2cat Unknown
08/13/11 1:00 am

I live in a small-ish town. I live in a nice neighborhood. I would probably end up dead if it was a terrorist though, but if it was a natural disaster, there would most likely be some-what peace in my town.

08/12/11 1:44 pm

Come to Texas:))) We Love Guns:)))

ty3desi Massachusetts
08/10/11 12:16 pm

I already have 2 BoB bags and my guns are already loaded. Bring it on!!

jerseyboun Florida
08/08/11 7:27 pm

the rich would become the poor and the poor would become rich

BT97 California
08/07/11 7:41 pm

Well, if it was a terrorist attack I'm pretty sure that would cause chaos all on it's own without there being a 90 day power shortage. Just saying, pick one instigator of this power shortage because the answer changes with each.

08/06/11 10:14 pm

LOL! All of America says 'chaos' lol

08/06/11 6:20 pm

We would get mad cause McDonalds would not be open :) haha

08/06/11 5:54 pm

Just think about airlines and airtravel...things would get out of hand.

08/05/11 12:09 am

When Rita hit Houston people went without power for weeks, some for months and the city was relatively stable. The key is preparedness on the part of citizens and the maturity to coexist in peace. When Rita hit neighbors were bringing out food to feed everybody. I was without power for two weeks.

08/04/11 2:04 am

Guns would be loaded and all my prepping will not have been in vain.

Words to live by:
Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

08/03/11 7:46 pm

Who says US cares about peace? They're sweet talkers, not doers.

08/03/11 1:40 am

It would be all over in da ghettos.

08/02/11 6:46 pm

wow! chaos by a landslide huh...

08/02/11 1:42 pm

Isfet will always rule when Ma'at is whiped out. Isfet is chaos Ma'at

08/02/11 1:31 pm

Come on! Chaos! But we could survive

08/02/11 12:30 pm

Know would survive without their IPhone.which is really sad

Overmind Texas
08/02/11 5:52 am

I live in a college town. I doubt half these people know how to open a can without electricity.

08/01/11 9:45 pm

Not many people know how to survive for that long without electricity. Some take it for granted way too much and they will be the first to go crazy. People will start to die from lack of survival skills. This country WILL go into chaos very quickly, though I wish it wasn't true.

08/01/11 8:41 pm

Like an EMP? That would suck!!! As a proud American I'm sad to say we need to learn a lesson From the Japanese, after the quake they did not riot, I never saw one person smash a window. Here in America we riot when our city" WINS " a basketball championship

08/01/11 8:01 pm

No means of power? Our dependency on electricity will eventually make most of us go crazy. 90 days is definitely a good enough amount of time.

08/01/11 3:51 pm

bigtv, Walmart certainly has backup generators where I am, but that wouldn't be the problem. Even with power at the store they won't have any food to sell.

bigtv Nebraska
08/01/11 1:40 pm

There would be NO communication systems, the national guard, fema, red cross, no one would be coming to help ANYONE. fuel for generators can only last so long, if u live in a city of any size u r screwed, and by the way grocery stores DO NOT have backup generators, so yeah

08/01/11 11:07 am

@superbill... The generation you so easily put down as less kind than your own is the generation that assured you would have whatever rights and equalities you enjoy. What have you got against adults? Did one steal your bicycle? (see how that feels?).

superbill Georgia
08/01/11 5:44 am

People who were close before it would grow closer and band together and people who are distant would start to turn on one another I think. People wouldnt be lazy though. Our generation is kinder to one another and more open and smarter. Maybe not as fit or held together but oh well. More of us would

08/01/11 4:57 am

People would definitely start panicking. It happens after natural disasters such as hurricanes after only a few hours. People go into survival mode and want to protect their own. They loot for supplies and food. 90 days would be total chaos.

onetruth California
08/01/11 4:29 am

Oh yeah no money too since ATMs and cash registers wouldn't work. The cities would be in chaos. Country folk would probably be fine.

onetruth California
08/01/11 4:26 am

No food, no gas, yeah it would be chaos!! Stock up on food water and ammo! We have been domesticated face it.

sohuser California
08/01/11 3:10 am

Cop cars are tipped when the Lakers win. I know it wouldn't be peaceful hear in Southern Carolina. The only thing in favor of peace is it is nearly impossible to get a gun here. A maximum ten round magazine you have got to be kidding me.

goofyimage California
08/01/11 2:13 am

how would u kno it's gonna b for 90 days?

08/01/11 12:19 am

Um... Y so cynical? I know the first thing I would do would be to try and help get the thing back up and running! Ok, maybe like the second or third thing... No, it would be my main priority! No time for anarchy, gotta get power back!!!

08/01/11 12:15 am

Agree with @jfern. I don't think the New Orleans argument is accurate. We're not talking about widespread destruction only the power grid.

jfern Florida
07/31/11 11:53 pm

I was one of the peace voters. Look what happened in NY after 9/11. Almost ten years ago, and that unites us. We may not be orderly all the time, but I truly believe that people would come together, but then again I own a firearm...

07/31/11 10:57 pm

Look at hurricane Katrina and the affects in New Orleans

geoag02 Dallas, TX
07/31/11 10:38 pm

@LuLang: it depends on which city. Dallas had a peaceful celebration after the Mavericks won for the first time, so maybe I will be ok...

07/31/11 9:24 pm

in recent blackouts stores were looted people were killed. look at Katrina then look at Japan those people stood in lines for hours to get a jug of water. our folks would just give up and expect FEMA to show up. I think it's generational, our grandparents would have ben civil and made it no problem.

07/31/11 9:23 pm

A sports team wins a championship and riots break out. Imagine 90 days of a REAL TRAGEDY? Forgetaboutit!!

alizesmom Pennsylvania
07/31/11 6:53 pm

Joseph. How many back yards are there in urban areas?

07/31/11 6:03 pm

Chaos starts as soon as the last ups battery dies.

NYevo NY
07/31/11 4:54 pm

Some will steal and become violent. Many will not

NYevo NY
07/31/11 4:46 pm

I think a lot of folks would remain more peaceful than these polls are giving them credit for

NYevo NY
07/31/11 4:44 pm

Wow. i realize there would be some chaos, but the results of this poll are a little shocking. So, most users of this poll think so little of the people in this country? Very sad