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02/28/12 7:48 pm

NASCAR and Jeff Gordon all the way man

02/23/12 9:03 pm

why are we only talking about the dnk contest seriously!!

esp Warwick RI
02/21/12 5:21 am

You can watch the dunk contest ever night basketball sucks now it's who dunks the most wins

02/20/12 4:56 pm

The dunks aren't as special as they used to be. Both are alright, but I prefer the NBA All-Star Game.

spudman Ohio
02/20/12 2:31 pm

Tony, can you please add more groups like the age and party groups in the poll results? I'd love to see an ethnicity factor.

02/20/12 10:43 am

Normally I'd say dunk contest but the last two year there have been approximately 3 high quality dunks. The hr derbies recently have been very impressive though.

02/20/12 9:43 am

@hippie- baseball takes more skill & a better eye than basketball!

02/20/12 9:42 am

Skill & strength....AND IT'S OUTTA HERE!

EnginE3r Texas
02/20/12 9:42 am

I'd like to see a dunking contest 'cause a ball can be dunked many more ways than a ball can be hit into the stands

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
02/20/12 4:56 am

Basketball has gone downhill over the past 20 years. These players need to grow up.

02/20/12 1:47 am

I'd rather watch a dunk contest mainly because I hate baseball and their is no true athleticism in baseball.

spursnation Virginia
02/19/12 10:24 pm

Dunks because baseball players can't fly like NBA players

02/19/12 7:44 pm

Dunk Contest has gone down hill, not as fun and exciting as it use to be. Homers all the way!!

02/19/12 5:36 pm

cowboy is soooo right! ;-P
Look at my comment below

02/19/12 3:09 pm

The NBA slam dunk contest is a joke...

cowboy Proud Father
02/19/12 3:03 pm

@CS_Graham No I'm not joking. Hitting a baseball takes way more talent.

02/19/12 2:00 pm

Hitting a tiny 95mph ball with a bat takes a lot more skill then jumping on to a net and throwing a huge ball in

02/19/12 1:57 pm

Niether are much fun unless you have $$ on them!!

02/19/12 1:37 pm

I liked the dunk contest when it was all stars doing it. Now none of the big names do it. Jordan vs wilkins contests were great.

02/19/12 12:32 pm

watching grass grow is better than either of these.

Nerdz Texas
02/19/12 12:13 pm

I don't really watch a lot of baseball

hacim Michigan
02/19/12 11:43 am

However, if you have see one homer you have seen them all, but dunks leave a lot more room for creativity, so the dunk contest is way more entertaining

hacim Michigan
02/19/12 11:42 am

@CS-Graham and cowboy.... I think it takes more talent to hit a home run and fewer people can do it. Being able to hit a fist sized ball perfectly and with enough power to go over the fence is impressive. Dunking is relatively easier, and many can do it.

02/19/12 11:28 am

@cowboy you have to be joking right? Hitting homers off of Lob pitches? Not a lot of talent. Anyone can swing a bat, not many people can dunk, and do tricks while dunking.

02/19/12 9:53 am

Tony.... there should be a way to link my screen name across my devices. people like me with more than one device can skew the results.

ks633 Minnesota
02/19/12 8:16 am

99% of the NBA players can dunk so I think dunks are the most overrated highlight in all of sports. Maybe if the basket moved at 85+ mph like a baseball then I would be impressed

yepnope Maryland
02/19/12 8:14 am

Homerun derby is the only thing baseball has on basketball... Or any other sport. Baseball is painfully boring.

02/19/12 8:09 am

They're both boring but I'm a basketball fan so I chose dunk contest

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
02/19/12 7:50 am

The dunk contest used to be way fun on videogames

02/19/12 7:42 am

@o'souless I'm sure you can on a kiddie hoop

osouless Whats Next
02/19/12 7:15 am

Homers, I could Dunk better than any guy in the dunking contest.

erw331 New York
02/19/12 7:07 am

@land Back when kids learn to settle their own disputes (safe, out, safe, etc) and no idiot parents sitting in the stands yelling at the umps and managers. Back before everyone got a trophy, instead of just the winners.

swimguy Illinois
02/19/12 6:49 am

I prefer baseball as a sport, but dunks are so much more exciting...

bbkkanders Kentucky
02/19/12 5:59 am

I agree with southernG both boring.

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/19/12 4:29 am

Beesball have been berry berry good to me.

PAteach1 Pennsylvania
02/19/12 2:44 am

I picked homerun derby just because it's in the summer and I don't like the NBA either.

02/19/12 1:55 am

Love my baseball!!! <3

DamageInc California
02/19/12 1:44 am

The problem with the dunk contest is that it doesn't have the bug names any more. Who wants to watch average players dunk. With the long ball you still get the big name players to participate.

02/19/12 1:34 am

Both can be boring but I grew up playing baseball at our local vacant lot so it's my first love! Anyone remember the good old days when kids didn't have play organized for them and there was no such thing as a "play date"... Fun times!!!

Planoneck Guam
02/19/12 12:41 am

Dunk contest has been getting kinda stale lately, but even the more elementary dunks are still pretty fun to watch as a basketball fan