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03/08/12 6:57 pm

I got spankings. I learned the more you mess up, the more you get. Sooo...I'd say it worked successfully to make me a damn good kid. Though my sister (1st born) took longer to learn the lesson. Her kids are pretty cool/stable too. There's a difference between spanking and beating. We never got beat.

03/07/12 5:23 pm

My dad always uses to say there is a reason why my hand is as big as your ass

cavman32 Texas
03/06/12 10:05 pm

Its called teaching someone a lesson

ashley North Carolina
03/02/12 5:16 pm

Kristea, try telling that to parents of a child (me) that grew up to be a valedictorian that went on to one of the most prestigious universities in the country...

kristea Denton, TX
03/02/12 5:36 am

Also, the people I know who didn't spank, later had major problems with their children & a large majority have beaten their children when they finally loose it with their rebellious behavior.

kristea Denton, TX
03/02/12 5:34 am

Yes I was. And it is one of the best things my parents ever did for me. They probably should have done it more often.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/01/12 4:38 am

Thoughts drive feelings and feelings affect body. This is not a theory.

My apologies if I sent a chill down spine earlier. When you learn to ignore body and emotion and are logical, the danger is that you can flip over when they are intense. Look good to everyone logically, unaware of self...

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/01/12 4:30 am

Years therapy = we are responsible for ourselves now. Bad habit coped then, disfunction now. Change habits that cause pain and no longer needed. Otherwise you will continue cycle.

Assertive, not aggressive or passive lifestyle is best to avoid frustration and explosions.

Thoughts, mood and body

02/29/12 10:58 pm

Yes. It's not child abuse and I definitely deserved every spanking I got. I plan to use spanking to discipline my children as well. It's very effective.

TechSgt Arizona
02/29/12 9:13 pm

Can we all just think about this for a second? For how many thousands of years, spanking has been the normal consequence of child misbehavior. It's worked for that long just fine. Why change that? Nowadays when people start speaking against it look how society's doing. Its declining now.

TechSgt Arizona
02/29/12 9:04 pm

For many of these people talking about being abused as a child, yes your parents were extreme. However, what many of you people are talking about is NOT spanking, which is NOT child abuse. I was spanked but never beaten or seriously injured. Spanking is good. Child abuse is not.

TechSgt Arizona
02/29/12 9:01 pm

I'm glad my parents spanked me as a kid.

TechSgt Arizona
02/29/12 9:00 pm

Yes I was spanked and it was good for me too. Raising our children without discipline means they find out they can get away with stuff without serious consequences. Spanking certainly works for children around 3 years old. It's not frickin child abuse. It's GOOD for them and their future.

alexanderB California
02/29/12 7:33 pm

Spanking is child abuse. It doesn't teach "good behavior", it teachers children that it's ok to hit. Don't you think it's a little hypocritical and ironic when your son hits his little sister and you spank him?

02/29/12 6:10 am

do children become abuser as adults to their own children? wetheslave@ your post put a chill in my bones, you need to get some help.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
02/29/12 1:02 am

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
02/29/12 12:20 am

My granddaughter learnt what happens when you call your father "Dumb daddy". My kids are excellent parents.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
02/29/12 12:14 am

I was beaten. Skin broken, bad bruises.
Lost eye sight. Not totally blind he damaged my eyes. Was knocked off my chair into the wall for table manners or not cleaning my plate. Lived in terror. That was in the late 50s now he would go to jail.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/28/12 6:09 pm

For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
02/28/12 6:08 pm

I used to get cained at school at least every other day. They blamed the kid before they knew of medical conditions. Needless to say I tune out pain almost completely and they did not help with the root. I identify with serial killers but am not one at this time. Connect, do not crush.

02/28/12 2:44 pm

To clarify, not fear of the parent, only the spanking. Before delivering a spanking, a parent should be calm and "in control". A spanking should sting, but not hurt and certainly not bruise.

02/28/12 2:43 pm

...the shot itself typically doesn't hurt much. But kids imagine it is going to. That should be the goal of a spanking. Make it seem worse than it is as a psychological deterrent.

02/28/12 2:42 pm

Spankings should not be a means of a parent releasing anger. They should be psychological. The speaking itself is not the future deterrent, but the build up to and fear of the spanking is. Just like a kids reaction to getting a shot...

FallenRegime Unknown
02/28/12 1:36 pm

Nothing wrong with a hard spanking with a switch or a firm Vulcan death grip.

EnginE3r Texas
02/28/12 11:40 am

I was spanked when I was a child when I deserved it and I'm glad my parents did spank me. I learned my lesson and no negative side effects.

02/28/12 9:00 am

I heard of a teacher who got fired for flicking a sleeping 1st grader. Fired? For trying to wake up a student? Gimme a break.

minemine Oregon
02/28/12 8:38 am

We had to get our own belt.

02/28/12 6:53 am

but at Nana's house her toys and her rules. parents are fearful they are doing "wrong" for spanking. society has told parents what's right or wrong for their child. so they do nothing!

02/28/12 6:50 am

there are many comments here I agree with, when you "pop" a child on their butt to get their attention they will think twice before doing that behavior again. as a Nana I see where my children lack in the providing consequences for bad behavior

kjos USA
02/28/12 1:06 am

Yes. I'm 18, and I'm glad I was. I plan on spanking my children as well. And @shraed7, I'm going to respectfully disagree with you. I believe it is good for children, I'm not talking full on beating, but a good spanking here or there (when needed) teaches a lesson the child will remember forever.

shraed7 New Jersey
02/28/12 12:43 am

All spanking does is teach you not to get caught. It doesn't change your character for the long run.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
02/27/12 10:02 pm

It also depends in the kid. My oldest needed a lot more correction than my youngest. Just two totally different types of people. I had to fight my oldest to do chores and only had to use my "dad voice" on the youngest.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
02/27/12 10:00 pm

My folks spanked me plenty of times. It's a good deterrent to bad behavior because kids don't have the same motivation or priorities as adults. You can't take a kids drivers license away or make him do community service. It worked & there was never a time I doubted my parents love for me.

02/27/12 9:58 pm

funny to see that the older you are, the more you got your butt whooped! that's the problem with society today. there are no consequences.

zello Pennsylvania
02/27/12 8:26 pm

I meant tht students who do get detention just stare at a blank wall for two hrs

zello Pennsylvania
02/27/12 8:25 pm

Kids who got spanked in school behave because they hate pain and won't goof off in fear of it. today the teacher isn't even allowed ( in my school) to pat the kid on the back for a good job. the students get detention" two hrs of staring at a wall. wow! Wat a great punishment

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/27/12 7:37 pm

I just heard a new phrase today. "Taking the Board of Education to the bottom of the bridges." Does that satisfactorily display the intention? Teaching, not humiliation. I know a very effective humiliation tool that I hear used a ton on kids by parents without positive effect. Yelling. (Ehem)

02/27/12 7:20 pm

Once my dad pulled his hamstring for 8 months trying to spank me.

commonsenc District of Columbia
02/27/12 7:13 pm

spanking is defined as leafing no lasting pain or injury.

commonsenc District of Columbia
02/27/12 7:06 pm

for older children and teens grounding and manual labor is prefrabul in my opinion

commonsenc District of Columbia
02/27/12 7:02 pm

spanking a few light times as a young child builds character and respect. humiliation was never a factor it was only done in privet in my famly

cat3675 Bowling Green, KY
02/27/12 6:34 pm

A little humiliation can be good for a child, it teaches humility and it teaches that just because your big, small, young or teen that you cannot get away with bad behavior. I use time out, then grounding, last a spanking. I find that time out can be quite pointless, experience speaking here.