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Are Americans in general getting healthier?

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xxluciddreamxx Kansas
08/25/12 11:36 am

Might just be in my area, but lately, I've been seeing tons of formerly overweight people losing weight and getting healthier.

timeout Boston Strong
08/25/12 10:58 am

As compared to when. There's a lot of stuff to keep us alive longer. On a whole though, we're overweight and and don't exercise enough. As u get older that becomes harder. I really have to watch what I eat now and try to get that daily walk in. I try anyway.

08/25/12 10:22 am

Swell. I think if you take care of yourself and feel good about yourself that's better than any planned fitness program - people who worry too much may well die early from their worries.

cowboy Proud Father
08/25/12 9:15 am

I have no idea, nor do I care. I take care of myself.

redhead1 New York
08/25/12 9:04 am

Yup we are a quick & easy meal nation. I will admit the way I cook dinner is definitely not the way my mother & grandmother did. They spent a lot more time in the kitchen. They were stay at home moms. I think having to work and raise a family definitely changed how women cook. It did for me.

08/25/12 8:20 am

you are right sleepless, thin does not necessarily mean fit or healthy. however Americans are increasingly obese, sedentary with all the accompanying health problems that go with. Diabetes is at an all time high, as is fast food and convenience food consumption. That isn't healthy.

redhead1 New York
08/25/12 8:01 am

The question was about health, NOT obesity. I know who a few "fit thin" people who died young. A friend of mine died in her 40's while running. She was living, what is considered, a healthy lifestyle. And I know obese people who lived well into their 70's. Being thin doesn't guarantee a better life.

redhead1 New York
08/25/12 7:50 am

Weight isn't the ONLY factor in being healthy.

08/25/12 7:40 am

I'm not sure if it is feasible but IF you think you eat less than you use up and STILL gain weight you may patent your metabolism as a perpetual motion machine.

pe1031 San Marcos, TX
08/25/12 7:37 am

We are healthier than we were 3 years ago but not healthier than we were 30 years ago. Overall I feel like everyone is becoming more health conscientious and as a society we are beginning to move in the right direction for the first time in 15 years or so.

08/25/12 7:35 am

You don't need Atkins or whatever is the latest fad - just move your body and don't eat too much. If you have doubts just look up second law of thermodynamics.

08/25/12 7:32 am

There are some people with congestive heart failure or any other condition that retains water and makes you appear fat. For all the others there's a simple, irrefutable way to lose weight : take less calories in than you burn.

08/25/12 7:27 am

@VinTulsa : So you had no barbecue as in meat on the griddle?

08/25/12 7:03 am

I was raised a "country mouse" complete with chores and playing outside. My spouse was a "city mouse" with many more comforts growing up. Now in our late 40's my blood work is remarkably better than his. I can't help but believe the veggies, fresh air, and hard work are the difference.

08/25/12 5:24 am

No. Weight and food wise what happened to moderation? Now everyone is either obese, or has an extreme diet, whether it's no carbs, no sugar, etc. I believe in eating diverse, healthy foods. Not too much, not too little. And a treat is okay in moderation.

08/25/12 5:24 am

Okay, I did a quick Google search, and it turns out you're out of your mind. Bummer, I thought you were on to something there. Turns out we still have a corporate, for profit healthcare system. Crap!

08/25/12 5:20 am

@wedaslaves. We have government-run healthcare? Wow, that's big news! How did I miss that? I'm cancelling my private insurance right now! Man, I'm excited!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/25/12 4:00 am

The FDA needs to focus more on food and relax on the drug side. They have really missed the mark on keeping us healthy.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/25/12 3:57 am

P.S. charlied259 I like your observation that government run healthcare will probably suppress medical innovation. This is probably a factor that most struggling people are not thinking about. However, it is a good observation to bring forward for all to think about and consider.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/25/12 3:52 am

They are working on doubling our life expectancy. You just need to reprogram the ttl countdown in the gene string and tweak some supporting settings including the check digit validation algorithm.

I still strongly suggest exercise to reduce stress and improve body form.

08/25/12 12:43 am

@AnnieM : Even the weaker sex when it comes to life expectancy (males) finally approach 80 counting at birth. I think people should stop getting worked up about obesity alone.
Life expectancy is still rising but people keep whining.

AnnieM The Island
08/25/12 12:38 am

...can be a fairly good indicator as to the health of the society/culture/country. I fully believe that my son's generation will be healthier than mine, & his children's healthier than his. It isn't all about food and medicines. There's a lot of factors in to the health of society/culture/country.

AnnieM The Island
08/25/12 12:34 am

More on topic: I think big picture-wise we are getting healthier. It wasn't all that long ago that a person at the age of 55-60 looked like what we now see as 80-90. The rate at which people physically age (medical alterations notwithstanding), to me, ...

AnnieM The Island
08/25/12 12:28 am

I was basically going to post what praet did. Eons ago some cavemen sat around a fire & the oldest ones there told the youngest ones how disrespectful they were, how things were changing for the worse and how they feared for the future of their little society and the species.

08/25/12 12:26 am

Unfortunately, the FDA, Big Pharma and the AMA suppress tons of medical advances. Miracles happen daily in other countries. I've seen them. People would go to jail if they cured people here using those methods. Obamacare will suppress further medical innovation. Read the law. I did. Scary!!!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/25/12 12:12 am

@mister: One reason why gas priced should be higher.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/25/12 12:09 am

@racedogg: Just because medicine can prolong one's life does not make that individual healthy.

08/24/12 11:39 pm

Every generation claimed everything is getting worse at least since ancient Rome and Greece and claimed everything was better in the good old days.
By that logic we should be all dead by now. I think it hasn't ever been better than now and is looking up.

08/24/12 11:35 pm

Life expectancy has gone up annually, so how can you say we're not getting healthier?

commonsense America isnt racist
08/24/12 10:50 pm

Realistic needs to go back and get his GED. You can do it! GO realistic!

DeathSheep Michigan
08/24/12 10:48 pm

Why not make it the whole world? It's all getting more unhealthy

Planoneck Guam
08/24/12 10:48 pm

Interesting how many people seem to read this question as "are Americans in general getting less fat". There's more to health than obesity, you know.

08/24/12 10:25 pm

I know I'm not getting healthier, skinnier but not healthier. #anorexia #blumia

08/24/12 9:56 pm

well at least IM getting healthier :)

08/24/12 9:43 pm

the entire species is getting unhealthier.

Nerdz Texas
08/24/12 9:33 pm

Isn't there obesity problems or something like that in America?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/24/12 9:28 pm

Monsanto? Please. That's the free market in action. Ron Paul humps Monsanto's leg.

08/24/12 9:19 pm

Well the vid game potatoes might at least get some exercise with Wii.
Add constant texting and ordinary games and they can probably crack a walnut between thumb and forefinger ;) But seriously, those were just known as bookworms before modern technology.

Mister CA
08/24/12 9:19 pm

Oh and people are riding their bike and walking more because they cant afford gas too

Mister CA
08/24/12 9:18 pm

If you count many of us cutting calories because we cant afford to eat out as much, then yes we are in a backwards kinda way getting healthier...

08/24/12 9:14 pm

I feel like we're more polarized. It seems like half the people I know are crazy workout health nuts and the other half are lazy fatasses.

dbrat East Coast
08/24/12 9:13 pm

Ah, no. Obesity? Do you listen to the reports?