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Did you vote in the last presidential election? (UserQ)

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09/27/11 12:50 am

So, if voting is a right, how does that mean it is mandatory? Some comments here appear to be critical of the non-voters. No excuse or good reason is needed. You vote or not vote as you wish...this is still America, right?

09/24/11 3:08 am

Nope! I almost did but my citizenship ceremony got delayed (suspiciously) until December. I was disappointed because I love this country very much and was excited to actually participate.

@Frlixdacat, Says the guy from Utah...LOL

ogreen Georgia
09/23/11 7:23 pm

had to leave on Nov 1 bc my mom was diagnosed with stage4 cancer. I cried bc I couldn't vote, along with crying bc of my mom. it was a horribly sad time for me. I did contribute a lot of money to his campaign beforehand.

discgolf2 Florida
09/20/11 5:33 pm

give yourself a pat on the back if you voted in the last election. the election was a all time high of something like 36%

dylansl Texas
09/16/11 5:33 pm

Only 20% of America votes. This app is very political. It's likely your only on this app because you follow politics

09/16/11 1:26 am

I smell a redneck....

09/15/11 8:15 pm

Peckerwood wow u make the people of Kentucky proud

09/15/11 6:24 pm

Stop callin em African-Americans. They ain't from Africa. Call em American of African descent. Same goes for the rest of the foreigners. You're god-damn Americans first!

09/15/11 7:23 am

mat; wow now that's some intelligent conversation! Again, stalking comes to you even know anything about the 3/5 compromise?

09/14/11 10:20 pm

I am only 15. Wish I could tho

Topgun California
09/14/11 4:54 pm

@rosebud it was 3/5, and it was not anti African american to make it that way, it was to prevent the south from having too much power because they supported slavery and due to how we have an electoral college. Making slaves 3/5 may have looked bad but it helped the north compared to making it 1/1.

09/14/11 12:40 pm

Rosebud get a job and quit texting you are wasting my tax dollars. You want off welfare get off this app and apply for a job

09/14/11 12:14 am

Always vote. It's my duty.

09/13/11 10:29 pm

Kno, I know why they had it. Seems to fit a bit. People count in the census, but don't get a vote. But instead of it being because they're slaves, it's because they live in an area with too many other people. Sounds fair, right?
Lady, I have taken civics classes. Several.

09/13/11 9:58 pm

Thank you knowhistory! People constantly make that argument... Again-- one should take a civics course before voting... Otherwise they'll just continue to regurgitate half-truths in their logic... And believe everything network news tells them... :)

09/13/11 9:09 pm

rosebud... the 3/4 law for census purposes was actually to keep the pro-slave states from taking complete control of the government. They wanted to count their slaves in the census but not allow them to vote.

09/13/11 9:01 pm

Thanks Denver. I kind of understand that, but it still doesn't seem fair to me. Like I mentioned, how slaves were only considered part of a person.

09/13/11 8:20 pm

Rosebud, good new name, goodbye typo's!
Hubby (the scholar) says the electoral college was in part established to protect from tyranny of the majority. To keep two wolves and one lamb from voting on what's for dinner. It protects the minority, and less populous states.
Works for me...

09/13/11 7:24 pm

If we ever have two candidates that aren't choosing the lesser of two idiots then I will vote again but until then it's like choosing between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

mcdkm Houston
09/13/11 5:59 pm

If you voted for Obama last time to prove you're not racist then vote against him next time to prove you're not stupid.

LicensedNe North Carolina
09/13/11 5:03 pm

I proved once and for all that I wasnt racist. JK

09/13/11 4:05 pm

Xiber, 13 people voted. Maybe the majority of people from Montana on this app just happen to have been too young?

09/13/11 2:07 pm

Obviously Montana should be counted in the next election, since the majority if the state didn't vote...

09/13/11 9:38 am

As much as I like to kid myself, I'm not more important than anyone else XD. Someone in Cali is just as much of a person as me in Ohio or someone in Wisconsin. Electoral college seems to me more like when three was slavery, and blacks were 3/4 of a person...

09/13/11 9:36 am

Denver I am.
Tops- she's 5 months old :)
With the electoral college- if you don't vote for the main person in your region your vote doesn't count. Period. Should someone really win the election when they lost the popular vote? Doesn't seem right to me any way you spin it.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/13/11 9:25 am

I am torn on the electoral college too. Even in our state my part is ignored. At one time southern Oregon and northern Cal were going to merge in to the state of Jefferson.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/13/11 9:03 am

@rosebud I so admire you. Keep up the good work. Some blob insulted me yesterday when I said I voted at 21. It was a right of passage. I hope at 18 that it is as honored. How old is your baby.

09/13/11 8:45 am

Rosebud, are/were you Rosebai?
If the electoral college were to be replaced with the popular vote, your opinion and mine would be wiped out by the masses in NY and CA. It would replace our Republic with a Democracy. Count me out!

09/13/11 8:35 am

RJ- the one and the same.
I think raising the voting age would be a crime. You can die for the country, but not vote?
As well as the electoral college being wrong. Everyone should count equally.
I forget my other points... My daughter just woke up and is being adorable :)

09/13/11 7:33 am

American, he's so blatant about it there's no doubt!

veritas1 Panda
09/13/11 7:22 am

@Denver Has it ever occured to you that conservatives like Perry play off the "devout Christian" angle to get votes?

09/13/11 6:53 am

Unknown2U, sorry, didn't mean to exclude you - welcome to the discussion - haven't seen you before :)

09/13/11 6:48 am

Louxny, American, Micky, LuTang, I didn't express my thoughts well; I'm sorry. Try again: some I see use 'moderate' to avoid learning about what's going on around us. They use it as a free pass. Decades ago I did the same with a 'whistle through the dark' approach, without educating myself.

09/13/11 2:17 am

Your analogy was a poor one. And you missed my point. Voting is taken for granted. Whether your person wins or not... Not voting is worse.

Phil Mississippi
09/13/11 1:52 am

I was 17 when the last presidential election happened so I couldn't vote

KillShot Wisconsin
09/13/11 12:00 am

veritas, many agree with you. your passion is encouraging, fight for what you believe.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/12/11 11:59 pm

rosebud, was your name previously rosebai? is this the same person?

09/12/11 11:42 pm

COTW- anyone who's 21 this year was 18 or poss 19 when they voted.
Delofan-sorry, but thats ignorant. You must not know anything about the tea-party.
Veritas- the electoral college is such a waste of time. I've never understood the point of it. They're already counting the vote... Popular should win

09/12/11 11:34 pm

so, my vote is nothing more than a protest in repuglican Utah.

veritas… Texas
09/12/11 10:36 pm

I'm not old enough…yet.

But one thing I HATE about our system is the electoral college. Why should someone from one state get more of a vote than someone from another. And anyone who votes democratic will NEVER have their vote count in my state.

And do I need to bring up the 2000 election?

09/12/11 10:33 pm

if only we could have a POTUS who would run on that platform and deliver. That would rock the career politician world