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Show Of Hands February 20th, 2013 2:11pm

You receive a late night "pocket dial" from a casual acquaintance. Once you realize the person dialed you by mistake, do you keep listening or hang up?

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02/25/13 11:59 am

It depends how sleepy or bored I was...

EarlyBird Portland
02/23/13 4:40 pm

Isus - I physically felt pain for you when I read your comment. That would be the worst -(

02/22/13 6:07 pm

I always listen it could be something you could hold against them or something embarrassing about them is said.

Jenn2124 Texas
02/22/13 8:42 am

I stay on to listen if I can hear conversation. That's always interesting. If its just noises I hang up.

02/21/13 12:50 pm

I'd listen long enough to make sure they weren't intentionally trying to pocket dial me be because they were in trouble then I'd hang up & text them just to be sure lol

02/21/13 11:57 am

You're telling me!

ClunkySpoon Next to Oleta Adams
02/21/13 9:58 am

Don't be a douche. Hang up.

cshuey1 Pennsylvania
02/21/13 9:45 am

I'll listen until it gets boring. it plays to my voyaeuristic side

02/21/13 6:51 am

One time my husband's phone called my mother during "magical sexy time". Left it on voicemail. Perfect.

jamesssss St. Louis, MO
02/21/13 6:17 am

I listened for a little bit then stopped when I realized what was going on. Magical sexy time.

thehopedivision Atlanta
02/21/13 4:36 am

I'll listen for just a little while and say I accidentally pocket-answered.

02/21/13 12:29 am

I don't listen To snoop, I usually wait a long time just in case they realize they called me

MGMT Across the Universe
02/20/13 10:34 pm

Listen until it gets boring

02/20/13 8:34 pm

My fiancé accidentally butt dialed his parents at one of his frat parties. It wouldnt have been a big deal if his parents weren't extremely conservative and thought he didn't drink

02/20/13 8:31 pm

Hang up to respect their privacy.

RayX quit
02/20/13 8:15 pm

What if they need your help?
What if all that moaning isn't what you think it is?
What if you never liked them very much anyway?
What if you care more about who you are than helping a friend?
What if you are a bore? You aren't a creep unless its pleasurable.

02/20/13 8:11 pm

Keep listening! It's my minute, and besides it might be interesting! Haha

02/20/13 7:53 pm

No, but I sure listened when my soon to be ex husband pocket dialed me after he lied about working late. Fortunately I suspected what the call confirmed already and it only made my decision to leave that much easier. It was even fun when he got home and I watched him realize he'd been caught lying.

shellybaxter1234 Peaceful Place
02/20/13 7:28 pm

I'm likely asleep and ready to go back to bed - LOL

supereliguy Andromeda
02/20/13 7:16 pm

It depends. If I hear them say "Where will we hide the body?" I'll keep listening.

02/20/13 7:10 pm

I'd listen for a little bit to make sure they were fine. But, I have much better things to do than listen to someone else's conversations. Although, I'm sure other nosy, drama-crazed teenage girls would say otherwise.

Wert A picture of my junk
02/20/13 6:40 pm

I'd hang up and call them back to make sure they are okay.

wheresDent The Lower Dakota
02/20/13 6:38 pm

I actually start yelling at them.

susanr Colorado
02/20/13 6:32 pm

Hasn't happened to me, but I think I'd listen long enough to make sure they weren't in some kind of trouble and then hang up. I'm uncomfortable overhearing conversations not intended for me, so I really don't think I'd be tempted to listen.

TheCameron UCF
02/20/13 6:23 pm

Casual acquaintances don't have my phone number.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
02/20/13 6:16 pm

Nothing quite says Howdy neighbor like good old party lines (shared phone line among homes in the country).????

02/20/13 6:08 pm

I've never heard anything but the phone moving in their pocket and incomprehensible voices with a butt dial.

satiricalnick meh
02/20/13 6:00 pm

Well it looks like the midwest is just full of gossips huh?

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
02/20/13 5:48 pm

You're a terrible, creepy person if you stay and listen.

thelowend imitation is flattery
02/20/13 5:40 pm

a lot of fun if its a voicemail. I've played back some funny sh!t for my inebriated friends from late nights. it's great

nicole4 California
02/20/13 5:04 pm

I listen for a few seconds,then start yelling to get their attention (but it never works),then i hang up.

gonzoboy Arizona
02/20/13 4:53 pm

This has happened to me a few times and I listen briefly, then I'll start yelling or whistling into the phone. This worked ONE time. The other times, I just hung up.

02/20/13 4:20 pm

Maybe it wasn't a mistake? And maybe it's your guy/girl friend making love. Stay for the orgasm (or whatever girls love in sex) and leave when you have finished. ;-)

freeedom New Hampshire
02/20/13 4:08 pm

Besides, who called who here?

freeedom New Hampshire
02/20/13 3:59 pm

Do to others as you would have others do to you. I get it, but frankly I wouldn't care if someone listened in on a butt dial from me. So it's not exactly immoral.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
02/20/13 3:58 pm

That's good, but I don't know it well enough to sing it as fast as it goes.

I usually try for something easy and comical, like a Disney song or something from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

02/20/13 3:55 pm

I suggest that those of you who must be a constant judge of others morality, whether politically or otherwise to look at oneself first. Then speak.

freeedom New Hampshire
02/20/13 3:55 pm

Not even close, fool. That's what you get for thinking you're so cool. Lol

02/20/13 3:53 pm

There's that perfect example of questioning an ACTUAL issue of one's morality. No, I would not listen and frankly have received a few from my wife, not at nite, as well as co-workers, which I have about 20 programmed into my business mobile phone to which I hang up when I realize I'm eavesdropping.

freeedom New Hampshire
02/20/13 3:41 pm

Best butt dial voicemail I ever got was from my girlfriend's sister talking about some dude she had just screwed, which was not very shocking though, she's a ho. Lol

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
02/20/13 3:23 pm

Crusty friends you must have if their thighs scrap together.

02/20/13 2:46 pm

I ALWAYS Hang up. I don't want to know info I'm not supposed to. Makes me have anxiety. I always make sure my phone is off.

02/20/13 2:44 pm

Lol have you seen that in you tube?